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Thread: What are you doing for Thanksgiving

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    In a wheelchair

    What are you doing for Thanksgiving

    We are just hanging around house.

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    My mom is making a HUGE Thanksgiving feast. We are also inviting all the stragglers (grin) - the neighbor kids across the street whose parents are strict vegetarians (the kids aren't), a coworker of mine whose wife has to work that day, some friends of my parents will be up visiting from FL, Chad, me and Julian of course.

    I have been assigned the spinach artichoke dip to make, I'm bringing bread from a French bakery (must remember to stop in the morning tomorrow, must remember to sotp in the morning tomorrow......) and wine/champagne.

    Looking foward to a day of eating, eating, eating. My mom is an EXCELLENT cook!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh, my mouth is watering already!


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    LOL Love the cartoon Hunker..

    I will be having a late Thanksgiving Dinner.
    With the two boys now fulfill their obligations to their g/f's families and have an early dinner at their homes...All four then come here for a later Thanksgiving.
    It's actually kinda nice that pressure to have Thanksgiving ready at noon or so.
    Since they have been doing this for a couple years now, I've cut back on how much I they always seem to come to the table already the focus remains on the leftovers. I have even invited my ex. So it will be a nice dinner...with all the important things, love friendships, family and gratitude.
    On the menu..and I'm beginning my cooking today
    Blueberry Salad ..This is a gelled salad with a rich cream cheese topping.
    Fried Turkey
    Green Bean Casserole ( it's the law here)
    My special home made baked mac and cheese ( the boys demand this for t-day)
    Homemade bread and biscuits
    Bread Pudding
    Homemade mashed potatoes and gravy
    Sweet potato soufflé
    deviled eggs and a few appetizers
    Home made Pumpkin and Apple Pie
    Baked Chocolate Cherries

    (man its less than I used to do )

    ..'to be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause...'

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    I'll have some beer, maybe a cigar, scratch my butt, and do some work around the house. Family is going out of town, I did not want to go. And Friday I am going to try and kill little animals, so I need turkey day to rest up.

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    My Dad is cooking. I get to bring pie and wine. My parents live only a few miles from us. They moved near after the accident; used to live 2 hours away. It's great to be able to see them often--my girls love it.

    After dinner, football (of course) and a few board games. I love Thanksgiving.

    Have a happy one, all.


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    We're going to Honl's house (Sydney Jo and Jesse). Can't wait!

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    No family is coming here for Thanksgiving so my grandmother, mother, and I are going to Western Sizzlin. Quick Thanksgiving to go.

    Unbroken by the grace of God

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    Stayin in where it's warm!!!

    My wife's Father and her brother's are coming

    Can't wait for some Pumpkin Pie!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    How in god's name do you do all of that with your level of injury? Have you had a lot of recovery since?

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