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Thread: Want help, don't know what to do

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    Want help, don't know what to do

    I'm SCI, living by myself. I haven't been told I have OCD, but I think I might have it. I get obsessed with things and then neglect the things I should do. For example, my kitchen sink if full of dirty dishes, I have two laundry baskets full of dirty laundry, my table is piled with stuff and I have to push the stuff aside or stack it up to put my dinner plate down. I can't seem to ever pay my bills on time, and I often get fined for paying late. My place is not unsanitary, but it bothers me a that I can't seem to get these basic things done. It's stressful for me, and it's embarrassing when a friend, relative, or neighbor stops by.

    My current obsession/addiction is an online computer game. I've been playing it for about 3 months now and I could easily play it all day long. I'm getting really sick of the game, but I feel like I have to keep playing.

    There's always one thing that I'm addicted to. It could be shopping, an art project, a puzzle... None of these addictions have really been harmful (compared to being addicted to drugs or something), but I'm tired of living this way and I don't know what to do about it.

    I was wondering if anyone here has experienced and overcome something like this. Also, I know there are people here with background in pyschology. Can you help me?

    I'm writing this as fast as I can so that I can get back to the computer game, which I don't even want to play it. I should do some cleaning, but I feel that I must first play the game. I'll tell myself that I'll only play for 30 minutes, and then 2 hours later, I'll still be playing.

    P.S. I'm already on a fairly high dose of Prozac. I'm much worse without it (turning light switches on and off a certain number of times, etc.)

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    I can partially relate to your situation. I'm definitely a procrastinator and I have frequently spent ridiculous amounts of time playing mindless pc games (or watching TV, or surfing the web, etc.). Thankfully, however, I will eventually get on the ball and get things done.

    I wish you luck. But I have to ask... what game have you been so obsessed with?


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    What you are describing is not OCD. You sound like you are simply addicted to this game.

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    MZack, perhaps I shouldn't tell you what it is, as you too may become addicted! I'm embarrassed to say what the game is, (not because it's bad, it's just childish), so I'll send you a PT.

    LindseyS, I do seem to get addicted to things, but luckily, it's never been drugs or alcohol or anything really harmful. So I don't have OCD I guess. Do you have suggestions on what I can do for my addiction? I think I get these addictions because I want an escape from reality. I don't know how to break the addiction though. I really don't want to go to months or years of counseling. Can anyone recommmend a book or something?

    I wouldn't say this a major problem, because I do eventually get these things done. It just really stresses me to have all these things that I know I need to do. And it depresses me when I think of all the things I could have done if I hadn't been sitting on the computer all day playing this stupid game!

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    Originally posted by embarrassed:

    Do you have suggestions on what I can do for my addiction?
    uh......., unplug the computer and take deep breath and take care of business. if you can't, call dr. phil.


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    I vote unplug the computer and put it away for a month. Get around people again.

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    Turning lights on and off a certain number of times is textbook OCD imo.

    Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you need to get done, so you dive into cyberland?

    Here's an embarrassing confession.

    Ever since I got hurt, husband lost job, we moved states all in 1 yr, I haven't been able to get it together. I used to be an organized working mom/student, but since the move life has been a mess. I found a website called It's dumb, the whole basic premise is if you keep your kitchen sink shiny, the rest will fall into place. They give you routines, you do your best to adhere. In the morning, you don't leave your room until you're dressed, including shoes, and your bed is made. At night, you lay out the clothes for tomorrow and don't go to bed unless that sink is shiny. The crazy thing is this works. That shiny sink cheers me up, makes me feel competent, other stuff gets done. I'm already dressed so I go get the groceries so the food gets cooked so nobody is running to McDonalds at 8:30. I'm checking my little assignments so I have access to recipes so I make the menu plan so I make the grocery list. I'm buying grceries so we don't eat out so I have money so the bills get paid. And it makes me happy so I mop the floor too.

    Crazy but it's workin for me.

    The basis is really to not obsess, not be a perfectionist, break things down into do-able chunks, accept that the house got dirty over time and that's how it gets clean also. When we moved, I was sick, a lot of junk got moved that should never have left Texas. Now I've gotten to the closets. I had 120 cu. ft of crap hauled out of here last week! Now I can put stuff up where it goes because the slots aren't full of crap.

    You might want to look into it.

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    Definatly NOT OCD!!!!!!!

    I really do have OCD it is a learned thing, lie checking light switches repeadatly scared of catching thing's on fire after you have smoked, just by toughing thing's.

    Many people have it and don't realize it, the way it was explanied to me. Like I heard one guy say "he let the water from the shower drip 25 times on his tonge,more or less and it was a bad day, do you ever check the door's to make sure their locked over and over and over. That's OCD.

    for the other like the other's said UNPLUG it!

    Ocd is a thing where you may constantly want to wash your hand's for fear of germs, some people wash till their skin literally comes off! It can be a bad thing,

    Thank the Good Lord Mine is not!!!

    at times you can get over it, but it will creep back up on you if you are not careful!

    Like the therapist told me, It is a learned habit!! nothing more

    I have never told anyone about this from me on care cure but if it can help Someone I am willing to talk about it.


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    I'll also vote turn your computer off.Then open your front go outside and get yourself some air,fly a kite,float a balloon,make bird sounds,whistle at women,scare children...something,

    ~~If you cant beat em,arrange to have em beatin~~

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    Watch out for Flylady though, as the endless amount of daily e-mails may just drive you crazy!

    I had to Unsubscribe after only a few days.

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