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Thread: EZ Lock

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    EZ Lock

    Anybody with an EZ Lock, do you know how close your Lock is to the ground? I just got mine done today and it just seems like it is really close to the ground.

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    On your van?

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    No, sorry, I should have been more clear. I mean the part that goes on the bottom of the chair that hooks into the EZ Lock. It looks like there is only an inch between the piece on my chair and the floor.

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    My EZ Lock bolt on the underneath of my chair is about an inch off the ground as well. The bolt is just low enough to fit into the locking block on the van floor. If the tread on your tires is worn they may have provided a little extra room in case you get new tires. If the bolt is too high off the ground it will miss the locking block.


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    yes, of course it is low.

    perhaps you can design a floor system on your van that makes it higher and has a manual release you can do yourself?

    i'm being sarcastic of course.

    didn't they warn you it would be low? never has caused me much probs in 11 yrs, tho. but...those speed bumps on a lowered floor van...woo hoo.

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    Adam, we had this problem, too, when we first got the EZ lock on my son's chair; took some advice from 'lilsister' and had the guys who installed it raise the locking device on the van floor a little higher, which enabled us to then raise the bolt a little bit. I don't know why they don't do it in the first place - it's a real hassle going over curbs and bumps with that bolt so close to the ground!

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    I knew it would be low, but not as low as it actually is.
    Marmalady, What type of van do you have? Are you still able to get a seat over it, in case someone that isn't in a chair wants to sit there.
    I hope they would be able to do that to my van and chair. I'm going to my Uncle's house for Thanksgiving and I have to drive around to the back of the house in order to get inside. It's going to be interesting driving on the grass with all the bumps and unlevel ground.

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    Hi Adam,

    Mine is pretty low, too. It will grab hoses or cables on the ground if I'm not really careful. Otherwise, it's fine. I got my van at Rollex in Savage which is great because, as I'm sure you know, they do the modifications right there. It's a 2004 Grand Caravan. I live in Burnsville so it's easy for me to go there to get adjustments to the bolt and the van mods. I've had the bolt adjusted a few times. Btw, the extra seat fits just fine over the EZ lock.


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    I am getting a van with EZ Lock. Told the guy I was worried about bolt clearance. He said there is a bracket that raises the locking mechanism another 1"-1"1/2. Not sure if this their own or not. Will try and remember to ask him monday. He says they do it all the time.

    He told me that the Braun seats will fit over the EZ Lock but that the IMS will not. I'm getting Braun.


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    We have a Caravan with a rear entry, so we have driver/passenger seat in front, then my son sits right in teh center between the two 'jump seats on either side in the back. The Caravan we had before this was a kneel van with side entry, had him in the passenger seat up front, with the whole middle row of seats out, and a long passenger 'bench' in the far rear of the van.

    We never attempted to put another seat over the EZ lock - just never had the reason to do it, as we never carted that many folks around.

    If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. - Mother Teresa

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