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Thread: serious depression - lack of cure progress

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    serious depression - lack of cure progress

    I realise my depression is part of me and I should never hung my hat on the prospect of a cure

    I expected to be walking by now. I think 46 is too late. I think Bubo-Hungary is absolutely right

    I achieved much in my first 19 years of this but I just can't move on. At first I had a very loyal employer with which I did 16 years after the accident. Without living off my family I would be in a rest home.

    I am trying to communicate my anguish not expecting answers

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    Good you're not expecting answers, cuz I got squat.

    What's your pharmaceutical status these days? Sounds like you've taken a nosedive, have you changed meds?

    I respect your anguish. But can we give the answers a shot?

    Can't stop the spirits when they need you/This life is more than just a read thru.-
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    you should see a doctor regarding your depression.

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    "But can we give the answers a shot?"

    Sorry Beth, what do you mean

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    Chris, why do you let yourself be swayed so easily? I think many people are depressed after the election-It was a hope that research would be benefically affected had Kerry won, sure its a let down, However, many new endeavours are still unfolding.

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    I just meant don't get mad if I try to figure out solutions Chris.

    Can't stop the spirits when they need you/This life is more than just a read thru.-
    red Hot Chili Peppers

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    awe chris, it pains me to still see youre depressed again, you sounded like you were doing so well. i went and skimmed bubo's posts. what a sad individual. i wouldnt continue reading his posts or take him seriously if i were you. i doubt you would be in a rest home as a 46 year old para, id say you have at least 25 years before worrying about that. please see a doc and get well soon.

    ~~Everyone wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change himself. ~Leo Tolstoy~

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    Chris, most SCI do not suffer this kind of depression. They are usually depressed after injury, but then overcome and move on. To become so severely depressed after this amount of time seems to tell me that it is not a natural symptom of paraplegia. It might not even go away after a cure. In fact, you might not be able to benefit from a cure in this condition. A cure will require strong drive to rehabilitate oneself.

    I really think you need to distinguish your depression as separate from your SCI. They do not corelate the way you think they do. You need to get help for the depression. And a cure for SCI is not a cure for depression. Severe depression clouds one's judgment. It makes everything appear hopeless. You can not be cured from paralysis until you cure the depression.

    You've left employment because you were so depressed. This in turn just makes you more depressed. It's a vicious cycle that spirals downward. You gotta start heading back up. You have got to believe that the first step in curing yourself is curing your depression. Chris, it's the only answer. You have got to take the steps necessary to overcome the depression. You just have to get on it. And get on with your life. A cure for paralysis will come when it comes. You have work to do before then. You can do it. Only you can do it. You just have to dig deep and make decisions based on what is right.... never on how you feel. If we only do what we feel like then nothing ever gets done. You need to decide logically where to go from here. To do that you need help and support from people who understand. And then you have to take action.

    Right now it could be that nothing makes sense. I've been there before. But waiting is not going to help you. Seek out help from a doctor and therapists and follow their advice. Find those who have overcome this kind of depression. They can help you. And quit worrying about a cure for SCI. Cure the depression first. Please. You must. Okay?

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    I do believe that was the best post I have seen on CareCure since I have joined.

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    certainly a good candidate for the best post


    yes, the depression is an illness in itself - I am trying to get help....

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