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Thread: My daughter and I changing the oil in the old jeep today..

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    My daughter and I changing the oil in the old jeep today..

    Pic 1

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    Ali and I

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    Me going to sleep...

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    Mike I was wondering if there was anyone else out there (sci) changing there own oil and what not. Been doing it myself from the beginning

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    Wilddog, only on my jeep do I change the oil. My car and wifes car I take to the dearlership and let them &^%$ me I mean change the oil..

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    The pic of you and Ali is priceless. Can't help but bring a smile to anyone who sees it.

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    Wow, that looks cool! I really need to bone up on floor to chair transfers, although finding the right place to get your oil changed for cheap helps a lot with the missing changing your own oil factor. The Chevy dealer I bought my car at has a cool deal of $14.99 including tax for an oil change, so I dont miss it too much.

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    Mike, I change the oil on my truck. Don't think I could get my big gut under a car. Ha

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    Mike,I would love to change my oil but I would have a problem getting back in my wc.I been in this thing a long time and I still dont know how to transfer.Anyone know of a video on transfers.

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    Stiggy, floor to chair transfers are hard. Being a t-12 partial I have a little leg muscle helping me. I've seen full para's face the chair, get up on their knees, lift up and kind of twist in mid air and land in the seat. Others do it with their back to the chair and use brute strength and lift themselves in. (this is how I do it.) When I'm working under the truck I place myself between the chair and the truck, then grab a mirror or whatever and the chair with the brakes on and lift myself up. This one works the best for me. As far as a video on transfers I did see one on the net. Just cant remember where.

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