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Thread: Quads living alone?

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    Quads living alone?

    Well me and my wife may be calling it quits after 1 1/2yrs. marriege and going together for 5yrs. bafore that, since a few months before I was injured. Seems I'm just to much work, I do get 45.5 hours attendant care a week but its not enough, we also wanted a child someday but she is already overwhelmed.

    My question is can a C5/C6 quad living on SSI make it on his own? I'm in PA and am considering low income housing, food stamps, and hopefully more PCA hours. I am going to school and will finish that and get a job in 2yrs. but until then I'm a little woried, mostly about the state giving me more PCA hours.

    Thanks for any input,

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    I'm sorry to hear that David. I'm a c6 quad and I get by with 9-10 hrs a week, wich is mostly housecleaning and shopping. I can transfer independently and dress myself, but I like to have my PCA there for my BP and shower.


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    I know quite a few people at your level who get by with 3-4 hours of PCA care daily. You do have to get very organized, set priorities, and be creative. Most do ROM, transfers, bathing, bowel care and dressing in the AM in about 2 hours, then their PCA makes then a sack lunch. Dinner is often something frozen that you can microwave easily, take out, or eating out. Then a PCA comes for bedtime care, undressing, skin inspection, bed positioning and transfers.

    Talk to your ILC to be sure you are accessing all the benefits you can, including PCA care. You also might want to consider a roommate situation (either just a roommate, or a roommate/PCA) if you can, as this will reduce living expenses.


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    A roomate is great for emergencies too (ie. middle of the night problems).

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    Im C5/6 and my routine is an exact copy of Christophers.I recieve between 8-10 hrs aweek for the same reasons, BP and someone around in case i hit the deck in the shower.Dressing and transfer i can independently so im on my own at night.But not everyone is the same...goodluck man..

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    i'm a c6 that lives alone but i have money so its kinda easy

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    I need my PCA's to take me to school and run all my erends with me as well as my daily care as I can't drive myself.

    I hope one day I have money but I have to get thru school first.


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    I have a friend C5 who is living alone. But he has PCA 40 hours a week.

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    Aren't you eligible for paratransit or transportation from your school for disabled students? Is Voc Rehab helping you go to school? Will they pay for some of your transporation needs? Can you take paratransit to do your grocery shopping and other errands too? Few people I know can afford a PCA to do other than their personal care, and in my area the county will not fund anything but personal care either.


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    It's scary, but at your level, you ought to have no prob. I know several ppl who do it and don't get anywhere near 45 hrs/wk. I'm betting you'll find you don't need that.

    Ever thought of a canine companion? I suggest you get on the waiting list.

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