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Thread: Halloween Costume

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    Halloween Costume

    Does anyone have any ideas for a halloween costume for someone in a chair? We are having a contest at work.

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    I've always thought a crash test dummy would be a hilarious costume for someone in a chair.

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    How about being a little train engine, you be the engineer. Like a old engine with little rods running from the big wheels to the little ones and a cab with windows so you can look out.maybe you could have a car behind with an Ab who could push you along..Chooooooooooooooo...Chooooooooooo

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    my ideas:

    - a mermaid or merman (because let's face it, if they really existed and truly left the water they'd seriously have to use a wc to get around).

    - a king or a pharohoe (or a queen or cleopatra if you're a gal). you can make your chair look like a throne by draping a pretty piece of gold lame cloth of it before getting in.

    my ex pca's idea:

    - be one of "jerry's kids." lol. you wont even need a costume for that one.

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    I'm planning on going as Catwoman, but I'm gonna put a cast on my leg or something, so if ppl say, Catwoman ain't a crip, I'll point to the cast and say Batman kicked my ass.

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    In my younger Holloween days we used cardboard and completly covered my chair. I went as a train, race car, and a tractor with an exhaust tube to put candy in.

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    Hey trainman, me too, I was in my 4x4, well, with just a tad of an engine upgrade

    klcmac hers another thread for this, I can show off my work of art again

    Go here:costume ideas

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    Originally posted by Theophania:

    - be one of "jerry's kids." lol. you wont even need a costume for that one.
    you could dress up like a princess theo, you personally wouldn't need a costume for that either.

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    Air ohs, reminds me of the year I went to our patient Halloween party as a Dulcolax suppository...all in silver lame with green lettering. I carried a giant glove made out of plastic sheeting. I'm not sure some people "got" it (like the psychologists and speech pathologists), but the nurses and patients thought it was a hoot!


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