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Thread: Poll: How long did you have your first wheelchair.

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    Poll: How long did you have your first wheelchair.

    This is for people in a manual chair. How long after your injury was it before you got a new chair?

    After my injury, I didn't know squat about wheelchairs, so I went with my therapists suggestion and got a TiLite TRa. I was able to use one during my stay in the rehab hospital, and I was confortable with it although twice during my stay there the one of the front casters came lose.

    I've been in this chair just over 2 years, and I know alot more about chairs now. Being in this chair, I now now what I do and don't want in a chair. The TRa I used in the rehab hospital had the front tapered frame, but the one I got didn't. I don't remember being asked the option when we were going over the order form. That is one of the problems I'm having. Since the frame doesn't have the taper, my feet keep falling into the gap between the footrest and the frame when I roll on rough surfaces or a sidewalk with those cracks in them.

    The casters on this chair keep coming loose too. I try to check them every couple of weeks, but I forget and have had them come loose on me while I was out.

    This chair has all kinds of adjustable stuff, but I haven't ever adjusted it. It keeps coming unadjusted and I keep having to fix it.

    The biggest problem are the push handles. I didn't want them, but I was "convinced" to get them. They stick up too high, and I can't load this chair into a car because they catch on the door, roof or steering wheel no matter how I turn it.

    The tires are also practically bald.

    Voc. Rehab paid for this chiar. I tried to get a new chair, but they told me that this one isn't old enough to justify a new one. I have insurance, medicaid and medicare. I've gone through Voc. Rehab for other things which they've worked with my insurance etc. to get covered. They haven't even checked to see if my insurance will pay for a chair. I bet my insurance will since they didn't have to pay for the first one. Would it be possible for me to order a chair myself and have my insurance, medicaid and medicair cover it?

    Voc. Rehab said they modify this chair with a new chair back and are going to order from TiSport the back mount that doesn't have the push handles. That still wont fix the casters or keep my feet from falling in the gap between the foot rest and the frame.

    The last time one of my front casters came loose, I transfered to the floor and gave the chair a good tuneup. I checked every nut and bolt on the chair, and I discovered a missing spacer between the frame and back support. It must have been left off at the factory because there's no way it could have fallen off.

    I also think the frame is bent. I'm pretty sure the front casters are even, I've checked. When I transfer to the bed at night and move the chair out of the way, the left caster doesn't touch the ground. It has gotten worse lately. I noticed tonight when I was getting my water bottle out of the fridge, when I backed up and turned around, that left caters wasn't touching the ground. I can bend forward and spin the right rear tire without moving.

    I can't be the only person that wasn't happy with the first wheelchair. I tried explaining to the assistive tech person that if they'd bought a pair of shoes based on someones recommendation and did't like them, they wouldn't wear them for two years because they aren't old enough to justify a new pair.

    It's been almost two months since they said they were going to do the modificatioins. I can't get a car until I get this chair fixed so I can load it. I'm tired of waiting, and as soon as I can get someone to take me to the hardware store, I'm going to buy a pipe cutter and cut these push handles off. I'll need to find something to cap it with so I don't cut myself on them.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    my first chair was a 66lb stainless steel invacare with 4" quad pegs

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    I got a TRA on recommendations of the people working at the rehab place. A year later I pretty much knew what I wanted/didnt like and what was measured wrong on that TRA. I went to and ordered a TR and transferred the pricey fancy parts like the wheels and casters that insurance got me for the TRA to the TR. I bit the bullet and just paid out of pocket for the TR, didnt want to play the insurance game for something that was $1800, saved a lot of hassle getting what I wanted.

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    1'st chair was a Rolls 500 that lasted from 1984 till 1989..was a piece of junk, kept breaking the push handles, & brakes.

    2'nd was a quickie (not sure of model) that I had from 1989 till 2002, finally broke the frame.

    3'rd and current is an Invacare

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    first chair was a Everett Jenning, piece of crap. Weighed a ton. Used that one for six months. Quickie chairs ever since. The latest one is a Quickie R2. Very tough chair.

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    Hey Jim, Don't you have a calf strap on your chair to stop you from loosin your feet? I'va always had one, I'm still gettin one on my TRC with a 80degree front-end. The strap has held my feet there lots of times, especially if I'm being taken up&down stairs.

    My 1st chair was Quickie2hp had it 10yrs, then 2 more Quickies 5 yrs apart. Now I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of my TRC.

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    i left rehab in a tank quickie 2, pos. see these testimonials are why a ab person should never evaluate someone for a chair, they have no clue, i dont care how long they have been an "sci specialist". this is a big pet peeve of mine.
    jimns, if medicare/medicaid never covered a chair to begin w/ then heck yes they should get u one. but do it yourself, dont use voc rehab, figure out which chair uy want then download an order form fill it out and tell the local dme dealer what to do. if u have a question about the chair call the manufacturer or post here, dont ask ther clueless dme dealer or voc rehab rep.
    i get my private insurance to pay for a new chair every 1-1.5 years.

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    I know this is for manual chairs but my 1st chair was an E&J electric and went 25 years. Duct tape is awesome stuff.

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    I have had three chairs over the past 30 years. All three have been manuals. The first 2 were E&J's. The first was one of the chrome jobs that nearly everyone was put in back in 1974. Thanks to the welders at work they fixed me up every time I broke the tubing from dropping off curbs in a wheelie.

    The second was basically the same chair as first, only it was stainless steel. I broke it in the same places as the first one, and when the replacement side frames finally arrived the welders this time put some gussets in the tubing corners and I never had anymore problems. It made two trips to Boundary Waters canoe area in northern Minnesota...I went along too.

    I have been in my current chair for nearly 10 years. It is an Action Patriot made by Invacare. It is made from aircraft aluminum and was much lighter than the first two. Now it is a 50lb behemoth due to the bar that was added for my van lockdown. I will be looking into an electric in November when I go to Craig Hospital for a many years past due re-eval.

    I'm nearly 66 years old now and my shoulders are beginning to cause a lot of pain. Pushing those piece of shit E&J chairs around much longer than I should have, has probably contributed to the pain I am experiencing now.

    Get your new wheels as soon as you can swing it.

    T 6/7 Complete
    Injured 4/20/74

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    My chair cost a whopping $26,000. It is in bad shape and is only 3 years old. Of course all warranty stopped after 2 years. It's such a rip off because I know it couldn't have cost that much to build.


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