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Thread: Quadriplegic Serving 10-Day Sentence For First-Time Marijuana Charge Dies In DC Jail

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    Quadriplegic Serving 10-Day Sentence For First-Time Marijuana Charge Dies In DC Jail

    Quadriplegic Serving 10-Day Sentence For First-Time Marijuana
    Charge Dies In DC Jail
    Washington, DC: A 27-year-old quadriplegic man sentenced to serve ten
    days in a Washington, DC jail on charges that he possessed a minor amount
    of marijuana died while in custody last week due to inadequate health
    care, including prison officials' failure to provide him with a
    The victim, Jonathan Magbie, had been paralyzed from the neck down
    since the age of four, was unable to breath on his own, and required
    nursing care 20 hours a day.
    Magbie was sentenced to spend ten days in jail on September 20, 2004
    after pleading guilty to one charge of marijuana possession. Though
    prosecutors had recommended probation, the judge in the case ordered
    Magbie to serve jail time - noting that the defendant had told
    pre-sentence investigators that he would continue using marijuana because
    it made him feel better.
    NORML Executive Director Keith Stroup called Magbie's death "one of
    the most tragic results of marijuana prohibition I have witnessed in the
    35-year history of the organization."
    He concluded: "Although Jonathan Magbie died from causes currently
    under investigation, it is clear that his death was the result of the
    overly punitive laws criminalizing the use and possession of marijuana.
    There is little doubt that were it not for marijuana prohibition, Jonathan
    Magbie would still be alive today. He did not deserve to die for smoking
    For more information, please contact Keith Stroup, NORML Executive
    Director, at (202) 483-5500. To read The Washington Post's coverage of
    this incident, please visit:
    To read NORML's response, please visit:

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    This is just WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. It makes me sick that this could occur in our nation's capitol when so many states accept medical marijuana decriminalization.



    "It's not easy being green"

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    WTF..that pisses me off so much..i hope the judge gets bad karma 3 fold..right in his face..i swear if that judge drinks any alcohol..hes such a hyprocrite..i mean jeez..before liquor was like drugs! i mean,it is a drug but just cuz its legal now..omg can this happen ..poor guy..

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    Weed should be legalized there's no question..

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    It's incomprehensible to me. It may be a little simplistic but it seekms pretty f**ked that you guys can own enough weapons to kill a small army but weed gets you in jail, what sort of person thinks this is ok?
    Very weird.

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    A death sentence for minor marijuana possession.I cant even begin to explain how wrong and utterly disgusting this is.In a world where you can bye your alchohol at the corner store and all the weapons and ammunition you need at the same place as you bye your childrens clothes,toys and school supplies.This poor guy died for having a bit of pot in his pocket....

    Stop the world,i wanna get off.....

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    Another casualty of the idiotic "War on Drugs." Also known as the "War on Freedom."


    "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

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    Damn, that is f****d up bad.

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    i always wondered how they treated people with disabilities in i know i heard pot was legal in pill form for pain or spasms in some states if you have a doctors note, but that was a while ago.

    i agree, this is just WRONG WRONG WRONG

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    What I don't see is, where are the people who provided it to him? The story doesn't give any details. Surely he wasn't DRIVING that car. How could he be held responsible for there being a gun present??? The guy can't MOVE.

    Man, if there was ever a case for house arrest this has to be it. Why couldn't they just confine him to home for the ten days?


    Also, on the legality of marijuana. I am not certain of the details, but even in the states that allow medical use I believe it is still illegal at the federal level.

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