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Thread: Bali Bombing anniversary .

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    Bali Bombing anniversary .

    Today is the second anniversary of the Bali bombing , in which 202 people were killed including 88 Australians . It was a horrifying wake up call to us that regardless of our seemingly remoteness we are part of an international community in which terrorism is unfortunately escalating .

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    Dogger I pray for the day when our passports say "Global Resident" and we all live in blissful peace ... completely naieve - I know - but it is my dream ... we had friends in Bali at the time of the bombing but they were lucky enough to escape the event! What a sad day this has been !


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    Australia has been a strong ally in the fight against worldwide terrorism. Thankfully, John Howard was re-elected and you guys will continue the fight.


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    The countries of the world all have their hypocracies in their present and past policies; no country is immune of this. But there is a sense that because there are no car bombings in my neighborhood there must really not be a problem and that the world, if given a chance, will abide by the diplomacy of the childhood playground sandbox where your mommy told you "if you make nice to the other kiddies, no other kids will bother you".

    Extremism (as well as isolationism and protectionism), at either end of the spectrum have historically proven dangerous and unsustainable. Unfortunately, as history has progressed, the complexity of the equation to arrive at the correct balance point in the spectrum makes decision making more difficult today and (probably) not amenable to such canned solutions such as either a) liberty needs to be propagated (bush); or b) all economic and religious models have failed and now it is islams turn to take its pre-eminent place at all costs (political islamic fundamentalism)

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