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    This past Saturday Catherine and myself were married and I feel like I am the luckiest guy in the world. Our ceremony took place in a grove of oak trees in a Nature Preserve between two great Burr Oaks. Catherine is a storyteller and most of her stories are about nature and she loves oak trees. Her picture on (where we met) was in front of an oak tree so this was a perfect setting and she has told stories at this Nature Preserve. Catherine was beautiful and took my breadth away! During the ceremony a friend sang a song called "The Burr Oak" that Catherine wrote and sang for another friend's wedding (I lost it and cried). As the ceremony concluded our family and friends gathered in a tight circle around us while another friend sang "Surround Me With Love" and I don't think there was a dry eye.

    Afterwards everyone went to a beautiful meadow a short walk away in the Nature Preserve for the reception. We put up a big white tent that had beautiful Italians lights, french doors with the meadow and trees as a background setting. The "tent guy" built me a floor out of plywood (so I could get around easy in my chair) that was covered with this black material that was very beautiful. We had a parquet wood dance floor and the band was incredible. The caterer did a wonderful job and her servers did a great job taking care of everyone. We had a chocolate fountain that was a big hit and one of my favorite moments was later in the reception when my 4 year old nephew was standing by the chocolate fountain in his pajamas dipping a piece of fruit in the melted chocolate. Another moment I remember was my two year old niece out on the dance floor dancing with her doll.

    Catherine and myself slow danced to Norah Jones "Come Away With Me" as our first dance and I think I was on the dance floor most of the evening. There was a winding path that led up to the tent and "tent guy" framed the winding path with candles when it got dark out. We handed out CDs with some of our favorite dinner music on it that was played when the band took a break during dinner. The cover of the CD was a picture of the two of us on our honeymoon (Catherine works in a school so we already took our honeymoon to Maui in July) and each CD had our guests name and the table they would be sitting at. People enjoyed playing the CD on their drive home. I listed all 20 songs and the last song was our first dance song but I didn't list the title since we wanted it to be a surprise. Sorry for rambling but I wanted to share some of our happy day and I will post some picture once we get them from the photographer.


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    Congratulations Steve and Catherine!!!

    Chicago really has a world class Nature Preserve system, doesn't it?

    PS. My husband and I met on too!!!

    AB wife of T8 complete para

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    wow, felt like I was there!!

    *Vote for Change 2004*

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    Wow, what a good description, I could vision everything in my head. I would love to see some pictures.

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    Congratulations Steve & Catherine -

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    Blessings on you both Steve ..... sounds awesome ... look forward to your pics!!


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    congrats to both of you!

    Your wedding description almost makes this cynic wanna .... uhh... never mind

    Look forward to your pictures!

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    WOW!! A description of something even i could follow....Congratulations Steve,best wishes to you both..

    ~Oh boy,sleep! Thats where im a Viking~...Ralph Wiggum..

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    Congratulations, Steve and Catherine. What a beatiful description of your memorable wedding, it sounds perfect. a chocolate fountain-how cool is that! Yes, pictures please. Debra

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sounds like you had a dream wedding. Your description was so beautiful I had tears in my eyes imagining it. I hope your married life is just as beautiful. Cheers.

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