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Thread: Simple Power Window Fix Finally Addressed by NHTSA

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    Simple Power Window Fix Finally Addressed by NHTSA

    Article Here
    It will cost US auto manufacturers just pennies per vehicle to install new switches to fix this horrific hazard - as a one-time expense on factory assembly lines - yet for years they have cruelly refused to insall safer window switches in American vehicles even though they are used in their European-sold models. on link above to read entire article...
    fix will not be implemented until 2009 year models

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    yes that would be nice if the auto industry would do that, but it would also be nice if parents would use there heads too and not leave there small children unattended in running vehicles.

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    One child in Texas was not alone. His mother was in the F250 in the drivers seat according to the article. It happened quickly, it's over in a matter of seconds. I agree parents shouldn't leave their children unattended, but then I also know that it isn't always possible to be right there to stop every bad thing from happening to a child in the nick of time.
    This is an easy to fix safety hazard that the auto manufacturers have known about for years... just like the roof crush issue the fix is minimal costs per vehicle in mass production. I don't know about you...but I think when you make a mistake that costs someone their life...and especially a child's, you should fix it, not repeat it over and over again. So easy to point the finger and not simply do the right thing. That doesn't help the people whose lives are destroyed. These children didn't have to die.
    How long have the auto manufacturers known about this safety hazard? NHTSA was petitioned about it in 1995.

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    Sorry the other link didn't work.
    Trying again...
    petition to NHTSA 1995

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    I had read a more detailed article, but now this is all I can find about the incident in Dallas ...

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