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Thread: On A Greyhound Bus

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    On A Greyhound Bus

    My 9/11 column for the Herald.
    NOVEL - VELVET SKY (amazon)

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    Mr. Van Reeves,

    Good reading, the Greyhound bus is an intregal part of the American culture. When I was a teenager I remember getting kicked off in a small Nebraska town for refusing to part with a bottle of whiskey. I have a taste for classic literature especially Russian and Japanese. I will make point to obtain your books. I am certain I will not be disappointed. Cheers!

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    Rusty, thanks for posting your stories from the paper. They remind me a lot of home especially since my family used to make that same trip to the beach in the '70s.

    Is there anywhere yet that has your book as an e-book? If you have a copy of the book on computer, I could even try to convert to PDF file and send it back to you. Either way, you have a great talent.

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    Under my contract I can't pass out homemade e-books. The publisher reserves that right but hasn't yet acted on it. Thank you for commenting on my column.

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