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Thread: Celine Dion's cousin injured

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    "convince her to stop supporting the Jerry Lewis MDA sob-fest"

    sounds kinda like the nurses I've dealt with since SCI - "toughen up, no self-pity, Bob climbs mountains so can you etc etc"

    yeah, well it's easy to say when you're AB

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    People, sci nurse included, WTF?

    I asked about Celine Dion's cousin who is a "new sci".

    Yes, it was in the appropriate forum.

    How it digressed to the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon is beyond me?

    My point originally was that here we have a well known celebrity's cousin injured. Could it not mean more attention (media) and therefore potentially more money committed to our cause?

    But hell, now that its been moved by the omnipotent sci-nurse to this forum maybe I'll actually get an intelligent answer or two to the question?

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    I've checked numerous

    Canadian & Quebec sources-no information. Even in tabloids

    Seems Dion family keeps it low profile

    Maybe we should respect that and stop speculaiting until we get official news?

    No offence to anyone

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    I was wondering the exact same thing.

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    How it digressed to the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon is beyond me?

    It digressed to the telethon because Celine Dion supports the telethon by appearing on it.

    The first post after you posted is how it happened.

    It well could bring in revenue.
    It isn't being put on the media.
    Why? You will have to ask the person and family members involved.

    They may not be ready to do this yet..and that is their decision to make.

    In the future will this inspire Celine to come on board as a fundraiser?
    I would think in the past yes, now it may be
    politically/socially incorrect.
    To come aboard she would need to involve her
    cousin that was injured. He may even have to show how the injury affected his life.
    That could be construed as exploitation..and
    degradation..and also de-humanization.
    And may cause tears to flow.

    IMO..that's crying all the way to the BANK.
    And these things won't advance in treatments without going to the bank big time.
    Of course we shouldn't support kids selling
    candy bars or Girl Scout cookies either...
    definate exploitation.

    Help is on the way.

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    Thank you, Belle. Max, you need to learn more about the issues around the MDA Telethon. Many people with MD and other disabilities find this a degrading and dehumanizing experience that attempts to use pity to get money from people instead of addressing fund raising in a professional and compassionate way (such as Rally for the Cure)

    Than the happy para would be ok, and ads would not have to portray a vent dependant quad. And wheelchair sports would be ok. If I remember correctly the rally for the cure was high priced and then it was lowered to attract a sea of people in wheelchairs. Oh, yea it was so they could meet and mingle. The wheelchairs weren't for pity.

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    LOL...YA THERE GO!!!

    Now its about Para vs Quad,wheelchair sports and socializing wheelchair folk...PERFECT..That should just about cover everything...


    ~We must save the princess,or die trying~..Mickey Mouse

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    Originally posted by Belle:

    There's a bit of controversy areound the MDA and and the telethon these days. Some of the afflicted folks feel that it is too much of a pity party for their comfort and puts forth a highly negative image of the disabled as people unable to help themselves. I can't speak for the nurse, but I would guess this is where she is coming from.

    AB wife of T8 complete para
    I have never seen controversy cure a damn thing.
    Disabled people can help themselves quite often believe it or not.
    Now curing themselves sometimes becomes very very tricky.

    Everybody needs help sometimes with something.

    If the controversial folks could show a definate way of bringing in huge..necessary..
    charitable dollars without showing the reason for these dollars please do so right now.
    Not just talk..BIG HUGE monetary gains to be used to fund research, equipment, (that BTW
    insurance companies don't often fund)..and often the insurance companies don't fund for the care of some individuals in this why not get on them..instead of people trying to find the money..
    And insurance companies don't give a damn if you go to summer camp.
    Many of the people we are talking about are too young to get a job..and many won't LIVE long enough even to get how do they contribute?
    Now take that away's not important?

    You want to have a controversy have it over
    why the government won't pass Mr. Reeve's bill..not over successful fundraising.

    Most of the fundraising people involved are over 50 and over 60 and 70.
    Now is the prime time for cures..and people are too concerned about one ailment vs. another.

    The scientists need money not controversy.
    And don't tell me that the SCI population wouldn't give their right nut for a Jerry Lewis type personality.
    Well they are a dying breed. Hooray for evolution..this might be something you don't want to become extinct in this greedy ass world we live in today.

    What about ST. Jude's? Are they wrong too?
    Are the cures they are finding wrong too?
    Are those kids wrong to show how fing awful
    their disease is..sure the world now runs on pity sometimes..but without it people are relatively numb.

    Help is on the way.

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    To Lindox:

    Here here...applause..

    Thank YOU!!!!


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    get cash for cure and care by whatever means so long as they're legal

    use pity if we have to - if an AB doesn't pity me because of my condition then they're probably callous - that needn't mean that I am pathetic person but my condition is pathetic

    I agree; Celine Dion's cousin's being injured is good news for us but very sad news for their family

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