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Thread: Best state/county to live via wheelchair?

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    Best state/county to live via wheelchair?

    I saw that ADAPT came out with worst
    ten states as it pertains to community

    New Jersey was listed but it
    does have the hireability waiver
    where a person can work and make
    up to 45k, own 20k in liquid assets,
    and still receive full medicaid benefits.
    With this incentive, I can live a life not to far from pre-injury comforts, especially if I am self-employed.

    What are the comparisons we're dealing with
    and what are the criteria dealing for best/worst
    state? I looked but could not find the ten best states.

    Thanks for any info.


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    List what your priorities are. What are those factors that are important to YOU as a person who uses a wheelchair?
    Accessibility? - Such as in which areas? more specific: Transportation (public/private), overall city planning?
    Healthcare? Employment? Weather? Single girls? - more specific: Hot single girls?

    If there is no Top 10 List for W/C users/disabled, then Identify what YOU are looking for and maybe you can better narrow it down.

    btw, there are general top/best places to live lists, but don't recall if disability is included.

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    How could one compare states
    if they don't refer to the Medicaid waiver as

    Hmmm maybe ratio women to men...but doubt if I can find "Hot Women Poll"

    Also I thought Fla was more progressive
    because they have a large DA community in several areas....


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    up to 45k, own 20k in liquid assets,
    and still receive full medicaid benefits.
    Decaf, do you mean full mediCare benefits, or medicaid as you stated.

    I've never heard of a program like the one you mention, sounds awesome.

    As to the best place to live with while using a wheelchair, I'd say california for the state, and berkely, ca., for the city.

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    Oh no, full medicaid benefits
    it is truly awesome.


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    wow, makes no sense because if you work you lose medicare.......odd, but lucky NJ

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