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Thread: spasms and driving

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    spasms and driving

    ok, just started driving again I've been out about 20 times now.... a few times I've had a spasm while driving. it scares me a lot! so, what are my options for stopping spasms? what would be the best medicine with the least side effects? any alternatives beside drugs? I have never taken anything for them...

    thanks for the help!

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    Must be nice to be able to get behind the wheel again, eh?

    How bad are your spasms? Is it only driving that they effect? I'd really use medication as a last resort. Do you notice that the spasms start up after you've been driving for some time, or is it as soon as you transfer into your car?

    The reason I'm asking is because you might be able to lessen the spasticity by changing your seating, or sitting on a flat cushion or something if they are triggered by uncomfortable seating or something. I know that for me, I do a lot of shifting before I start driving, and if I have to do a long drive, I'll pull over and just stretch myself out so I don't get all spastic.

    I guess it'd also matter if your spasms involved your arms because that would affect your driving. In that case, I have no answers, but I strongly recommend you try everything else out there before you resort to medication.

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    Hey Kyle.When i first started driving again i had spasms to at first and like you i take no meds for them.After awhile they stopped on there own.Try changing the position of your legs.Is the seat pressing right up behind your knees? If your like me that pressure would set off a spasm...Good luck buddy..

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    I just started driving (with hand controls) in February and in 2 weeks later i had an accident...though awefull at the time it is rather humerous now. I recieved a phone call while driving, so being a good little boy i stopped at a gas station to see who called me. As i was leaving i started driving around the building...and had a HUGE leg spasm. My leg none-the-less smashed down as hard as it could onto my gas pedal and with no reaction time, i hit the back of the gas station going a good 15 MPH and thus knocking a good 5 foot hole in a brick wall. Needless to say i hv a medal bar now covering pedals to avoid spasms from slamming on gas/brake. so i would definetly suggest some kind of guard.

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    What type of spasms are you experiencing: legs, back, hands, etc...? Do you drive from your chair?

    I transfer and drive from the drivers seat and usually get spasms in my lower back and legs. I find that crossing my legs and slightly shifting them around decreases leg spasms. The only way I can control, well semi control, back spasms is by periodically, every 15 min or so, stretching. As I'm driving I'll kinda pull my shoulders back and push my chest out. Be careful... this usually makes my legs start to spasm, but since they're crossed I don't have to worry about hitting the brake or gas petal.

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    I drive from my chair and the spasms I have make me kinda arch my back and get tense in my arms but my hands stay in... just about every time its happend, something has triggered it like a turn or a bump

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    Bad spasms are why I choose not to drive. The big stomach/back spasms throw me around enough that I just wouldn't feel safe behind the wheel. They don't happen that often but just one would be enough. Luckily I don't really need to go anywhere on my own very often. If I need to go somewhere when my wife is at work I take a cab. They suck, but I would rather not kill or paralyze someone else.

    You might want to try stretching, taking some big breaths and moving around a bit to trigger any spasms that might be waiting to happen to get them out of the way before you start the van and are actually driving.

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