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Thread: low-cost apartments for the disabled.

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    low-cost apartments for the disabled.

    I am starting school this upcoming Monday(8-30-04). The university is 30miles from my house and it can a be long drive and frustration when there is a lot of traffic. You must think I am crazy to drive that much for school but if you live in Los Angeles you would understand, commutes here are just different and besides I like the school.
    Well, I have been loooking and thinking if there is assistance for disabled students in helping with housing close or around the school for easier commutes. (Dorms are out of the question)
    If anyone has any info for me, please do tell me.

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    Are the dorms out of the question due to costs or accessiblity? Many newer dorms do have accessible facilities.

    I don't know any resources to help with housing except for Section 8, and as you know in that area waiting lists can be years long. Your best bet would be to find a roommate(s) and share rent on an accessible apartment. Most schools have a housing office where they help you make a roommate match. Try talking to them. Otherwise you may have to continue your commute.


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