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    Anyone out there good at drawing. I was in a motorcycle accident in 1993 and would like to get someone to draw a tattoo for me. I want the back of a 1984 nighthawk S motorcycle riding into a sunset with the date of my accident on the liscense plate.

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    Thats the tattoo artists job, give him/her your idea they will draw it up. some pictures dont translate very well into tattoos. so you might go in with a picture and they will need to change it, so have them do it from the start.
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    I like your idea and am doing something similar. I wrecked racing motocross so I'm getting one of my racing pictures tattoo'd on my chest. I already had one picture drawn up in novemeber but it didn't trace out like I was expecting and the guy wasn't open to making the changes I wanted. So I picked a different picture and a different tattoo artist haha.
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