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Thread: Tips on keeping cats from escaping when I open the door?

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    Tips on keeping cats from escaping when I open the door?

    I really am interested in buying a new cat from PetSmart but in the past when I've had a kitty, the damned thing would escape through the front door everytime I'd leave my apartment. Do any of you have suggestions on keeping the cat away from the door?

    As a C6 quad it takes me like 15 seconds to open the door then close it. I'm definitely not fast enough to beat a cat

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    don't get a cat... a loyal dog should do the trick.

    otherwise, maybe have something in hand with you as you're about to leave... toss it... and leave as the cat goes chasing after it.

    but dogs are still better.

    <flame suit on>

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    Cats (i have heard) can be trained. As you leave a tasty treat in another room may keep it occupied while you leave. have a tid bit you can toss in the room upon return too.

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    Theo- I think they have a spray can of stuff to keep cats off furniture, maybe that sprayed onto door frame? Or a tape recording of Scotts dog growling and barking by the door? haha

    Liz, you made me laugh, thanks I needed that!!!

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    LOL...oh my god you guys are making me laugh today. And your ideas are good too!

    Scott, I'd get a dog but I haven't yet figured out how to pick up it's poo after it goes outside. I'll get kicked out if I don't pick it up so I thought a cat would be easier. Even tho I love dogs much more too! I actually want to get a pug But they're so spendy...I feel good buying cats from a shelter.

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    I have the same problem. My laundry room is a "pet-free zone" that I use to create a barrier between me and my animals. In an apartment, I'd try keeping the kitty in another room while you're away so you can exit without fear of kitty following you.

    Also, please adopt a kitty and don't purchase one from a pet store. Since you mentioned PetSmart, it looks like you will adopt. Good luck!

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    Great adoption site, works with Petco and others.

    I use a barrier as well, when I need it. Like a kid's gate.

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    This might work if you put it across your doorway but it might not stand up to the wear of your chair going over it.

    Scat Mat

    If you never let it out of your apartment many cats will not be brave enough to venture out on their own. There is a woman down the hall from me with a cat and I have never seen it in the hall. It meows like crazy when she gets home, but doesn't seem to cross the threshold.

    If the cat does start trying to escape you could have someone wait out in the hall, leave the door open, and when the cat walks out spray it with a water gun so it associates the hall with unpleasantness.

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    Electric fence maybe??? I hate the sound of those but I know people who have done it with dogs to keep them safe from running out into traffic.

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    Cats are uncompromising pets
    for uncompromising people!


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