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    CMG ?

    I've had this test on my bladder done about four times since my SCI(14 months). Each time the test had to be stopped because my blood pressure became way too high. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Or what might be the possible cause? I've also had an IVP done to rule out kidney stones as a possible cause.

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    Are you being given Niphedipine

    twenty minutes prior? That should be SOP for those of us prone to A/D.

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    No Niphedipine prior, I should mention my BP is elevated before they start filling my bladder, the last two times it was done they slapped some nitro-paste on me, they still had to stop the test. I've had my pressure go as high as 220/120 with no symptoms of AD.

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    rustyjames: Do you have any other symptoms at all that AD is occurring? With a BP that high usually one at least has a headache or flushing. My only thought is that you should receive something prophylactically before the procedure. I am assuming you have thoroughly discussed this with your physician as he/she tried the Nitropaste idea. You might also want to have Nifedipine available during the procedure but one must be careful not to bottom out the blood pressure too fast. Has your doctor considered keeping a BP log on you to look for trends. You did mention the BP was high before they started the test. If AD is ruled out is your MD considering that you might have a problem with hypertension? What is your normal BP? It would be interesting to have it checked at different times of the day and correlate it with any activities or symptoms you might be having. As you are aware AD can be triggered by any number of irritants below the spinal cord injury level. Keep us posted. PLG

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    PLG, thanks for your reply, hypertension has never been a problem in the past, if anything my BP has been on the low side since my injury. When the test is administered I have no visible signs of AD, no headache or other symptoms, but when my foley gets kinked I usually get a splitting headache, hands get cold and sweating. After the last test I spoke to a urologist, he just said it's rare but it happens to some people and we'll repeat the test in six months. I don't know if it's relevant, I have full control of my bowels and when my foley gets a kink, I can feel it in my bladder before the AD starts.


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    rustyjames: Your urologist is right in saying that it may be you are particularly sensitive to having your bladder filled during the CMG procedure. And I can understand your concern about developing high BP's during the procedure. They may want to continue to have something prophylactically available for you in 6 months. 90% of the time, AD is caused by something going on with the bladder whether it is a full bladder, kinked foley, bladder stones, or bladder infection. You have learned to recognize the impending signs of AD which is good and you look first to a possible kink in your catheter. Prevention for further symptoms is the key. Good luck with your next CMG! PLG

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