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    Let's all remember to say a prayer for Mike C who's riding the hurricane out at home. And for Stormie who did evacuate.

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    My friend just moved to Florida about a week ago. He said the hurricane will pass by his house in 3 hours.

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    That's scary. I've lived through a natural disaster, when I was 5 I wet the bed.

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    duge..thanks for the prayer. we didn't evacuate...rode out the storm. it's just passing by now, but 15 miles down the road they got slammed....we were soooooo lucky. the storm ended up not going into tampa and headed right for englewood, charlotte county. within a matter of 90 minutes it went from a category 2 to 4...145 mile an hour winds. right now just waiting to see what the surge brings...i'll keep u posted. will be interesting to see how the boat faired.

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    So glad to hear you are OK Stormie!!!!!!!!
    your all are still in my prayers


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