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Thread: Joni Eareckson Tada on Larry King

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    Joni Eareckson Tada on Larry King

    Joni Eareckson Tada on Larry King

    FYI-A good friend of mind is on Larry King tonight. She is a strong Christian lady that has a ministry for people with disabilities. She also is a great artist.

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    Should be some good pr for G.W. She has handled herself well, SCI really is not such a bad thing as you can plainly see by looking at her. God put us here to set an example for others to see right? God has his reasons for everything. Amen. Now let us prepare ourselves for a lifetime of disability.

    Reason I say all this is my belief is that ESC is an option that needs to be explored, it may very well be the answer we are looking for in getting us out of these wheelchairs. If we really want a Cure, we must explore all available options in my opinion, not abandon something that may hold the key.

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    She is a good woman and has helped many.

    I don't think disabled need a segregated ministry..but to each their own.

    Her ideas on research using embryonic stem cells..scheduled for the trash heap are dangerous to say the least.

    I know Jesus could cure the suffering children if he were here on Earth now..well
    he has left those in his's up to them. And if she tells the children they are less then the trashed embryos..what is that?

    Help is on the way.

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    Should be an interesting show, I plan on watching it even though I dont agree with her ideas, I do believe she is a good and strong woman and not a bad person. I just feel that anyone who has the type of ideas that she has should be prepared to spend the rest of their life disabled and not expect a cure to happen by itself. Like I said to close a door on something as promising as ESC is a huge mistake. I also believe that in having these anti ESC beliefs is condemming a lot of other groups of people suffering (diabetes, parkensons, etc) to a life of misery and possible early deaths.

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    Ms.Tada should leave science to scientists which she knows nothing about. Let her stay focused on Christian ministry distrubuting chairs to the needy, clothing the naked,feeding the hungry, visiting prisoners. Bless her Christian heart. By the way, does she swallow?

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    what time is it on?

    Josh S.
    T6 para

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    Did anybody see this interview? I thought it was good. Joni Handles herself very well, she is a pretty, intelligent Woman with a wonderful smile. Her view on things is different than mine though and I can respect that, everybody is different.

    I was surprised that she said before she got married she hardly ever dated, I would have asked her out in a heartbeat had I ever met her before she was married.

    One thing of concern to me at the end of interview is she said she will walk again and it will be in heaven with the angels. Myself, I would like to walk again on this earth while I am still alive and research is about the only thing that is going to get all of us SCI people there, it is the only way, at least in the case of a Chronic long term SCI. She did speak of the living nightmare she goes through in having SCI, I am glad she said that so people realize how tough it is living this way.

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    well said curt... I think she has givin up the hope of herself walking, thats why she is against embryonic research. but yes, she holds herself well(personality), and has a great head on her shoulders

    Josh S.

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    I had the honor of interviewing Ms. Tada about 15 years ago for a magazine article. Then in 1994 Scott and I had a private lunch with her in Washington, D.C. She is an extraordinary woman, and I appreciate the fact that Curt and others can recognize that about her despite her stand on ESC. Knowing what I do about her, she truly believes in her heart that this is the right position to take.

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    I have a great deal of respect for Joni and all the wonderful things she does for people all over the world. Her views are VERY different from mine as well. But I thought the interview was pretty good. I only winced a few times. -grin- She looks fantastic. I thought her comment about meeting Reeve was interesting, too. I met her when I was in rehab and didn't really have an interest in speaking with her at the time.

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