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Thread: Airport Transportation

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    Airport Transportation

    I am taking my C5 son back to NJ in October from the Shepherd Center in Atlanta.How can I arrange transportation from Newark airport to house? Thnx

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    where do u live? woops never mind.. i see it now new jersey..

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    Welcome to the site. I'm hoping for the best for you and your son.

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    Here are some possible resources.

    National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA)
    A trade group of companies that sell adaptive driving equipment.

    The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED)
    Certifies driver trainers who are experts in adaptive driving and vehicles.

    Accessible Vans of America (AVA)
    AVA rents and sells both full-size and lowered floor minivans, through a national owner-operated dealer network. Whether you need a van for business, vacation, a replacement vehicle or to evaluate before purchasing, AVA can serve you. AVA maintains a network of dealerships across the nation. Click on the link to find a nearby location or call (888) AVA-VANS (282-2867).

    Wheelchair Getaways: Wheelchair and Scooter Accessible Van Rental
    Wheelchair Getaways® is dedicated to providing the very highest standards of quality and service in accessible van rentals. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Rental facilities are located nationwide. Click on the link and select a state from the web page listing or call (800) 642-2042.

    For information on adaptive driving, please visit the Infinitec website, which includes a great deal of information on all types of assistive technology:

    Disabled Dealer magazine
    You may also want to check with the Disabled Dealer. There are classified ads in it.

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    Who would be best to contact if you were looking for a van that was accesible for the driver. I'm a low level quad and I drive a truck. I'm going to Florida for Christmas and was wondering who I could contact about renting a van I could drive.

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    Willy, welcome to CC. My brother went to Sheperd Center, in the outpatient program back in 2001 for 3 weeks. I would think their social services dept would be able to help you. They also have a good program for checking out vans for families, making sure they are safe, etc. Be sure to get all the info you can while there. They have tapes you can take home on Bowel, urinary, respiratory, attendents and more-be sure to grab some! They also have a program for aftercare, if you live far away, they set you up with a videocam, or just call and see if you're doing ok. Maybe they could hook you up to a rehab in New Jersey for future help. Try to set up Dr.'s, attendents, medical supply sources before you go home.
    To get back to your original question, sorry, there is a nationwide place called Wheelchair Getaways that has accessible Van Rentals. Their phone number is (888) 245-9944. A sometimes cheaper way to do it is contact a wheelchair van sales place and ask about rental, the one here in our town will do that for you. Good luck!

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    After Scott had his bladder augmentation at Shepherd (1995), we arranged for an ambulance to take him the 25 miles home. May sound a bit extreme, but after major surgery like that coupled with Atlanta traffic, we felt it was worth whatever portion of it our insurance didn't cover. I'm sure you could make the same arrangements in New Jersey.

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    Willy, try 'Monmouth Vans', also; I know they se3l vans, and I think they lease both short term and long term, too.

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