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Thread: Question for standing frame users?

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    Question for standing frame users?

    I just had my standing frame delivered on Monday and used it for the first time that afternoon. It has been about two years since I was on a tilt table in rehabilitation, so it had been a while since I had been stretched out and had weight bearing. I stood for about 15 minutes and it felt great. No blood pressure problems at all, but it seemed to set off a lot of spasms. Spasms all throughout my chest and lower back, and my legs are jumping quite a bit. And although I have no sensation below my chest, it sure seemed like I could feel some aching in my lower back. I am assuming this is normal and will get better after my body gets used to the stretching. Anybody else have similar experience? Did the spasms get better after a couple of weeks?

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    Standing Frame:

    I have been using a standing frame for over a year at the rehab hospital on an outpatient basis. The frequency has been once a week due to the travel distance, for 30 to 40 minutes at a time (until recently). I also have no feeling from the chest down. I have a standing frame currently on order for home.
    To your point, I have not had spasms from using the standing frame. Although in the last few months I have been having spasm /stiffness / tone problems that I do not attribute to the standing frame. I believe the standing frame has been quite beneficial.

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    Standing frame

    i ve been using a standing frame for nearly a year. My physio told me to keep my hips forward to stretch out the hip extensors coz tis may help to reduce tone. As of now i rarely use it coz i can stand on my own now by holding onto a walking frame. But i must admit that standing sure do reduce tone and spasms.

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    Try stretching before you use your standing frame. You should notice a big difference.

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