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Thread: Anybody see I-Robot?

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    Anybody see I-Robot?

    Anyone seen it yet? Yay or Nay?

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    Yup & dumb.But i suppose with your taste you think its the next best thing to Ben-hur

    ~Never mistake motion for action~-Ernest Hemmingway

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    Ben-hur comment aside. I liked it, but went in with low expectations. Makes you wonder what might happen if Microsoft ever got into the business. But this was iRobot ... like iPod, iMac and iDontknowwhatelse.

    The one thing that stumpped me was: Why was the guy pumping iron with his bionic arm?

    I think it was basically a combination of Blade Runner, Terminator and Die Hard. Tastes are subjective. You either like the subject matter or not.

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