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Thread: Prostate or sphinter muscle

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    Prostate or sphinter muscle

    When I cath, every so often, there is a stricture I hit right before I get into my bladder and it lets me get by after a short continuous pressure.
    Is this my prostate or my sphinter muscle? I thought it was my sphinter muscle but a keeps telling me it's my Prostate. Do I need to worry?

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    Sphincter vs. prostate

    If you are a fairly young man (under the age of 50 or so) it is unlikely that this is your prostate. Also, it seems to "open" with the continuous gentle pressure of the catheter. This tells me is is probably a sphincter spasm. These happen to men occasionally. It can be caused by many things including a slight irritation in the area from a previous cath. A few people do get this as a symptom before getting a UTI, so watch for those symptoms. Otherwise, I wouldn't be too concerned. You can mention it at your next visit with your doctor and see what he says as well. (EMK)

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