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Thread: Getting Married

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    Getting Married

    Hi everyone , I am getting married soon? any advice?

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    go for it

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    Love each other with all your heart, be patient, forgiving and supportive but do not smother. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

    I wish you both all the happiness and love you can possibly stand for the rest of your lives.


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    Ditto what Jewel said (as usual)

    Also, if one of you squeezes the toothpaste from the middle of the tube,and the other keeps the tube rolled from the bottom - just buy separate tubes of toothpaste. Trust me.

    Best wishes to both of you as you begin your lives together forever.


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    Don't make your wife your attendant.


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    ~Never mistake motion for action~-Ernest Hemmingway

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    An old man told me this once.
    M is for marriage
    When a man takes a wife
    he lives in hell
    For the rest of his life!!!!!!

    Just kidding, it's what you make of it/

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    prenuptual agreement.

    "I vote . . . unrestrained idiocy . . ." -larwatson

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    Lessen the blow. Just go ahead and give her half of everything you own. Learn to masturbate and like it. Stoffers makes some half decent tv dinners. Learn to sleep on the sofa. Go ahead and hug all your friends and tell them goodbye. Call the cable company and disconnect ESPN -- switch it to Lifetime. Okay, say it with me, "yes dear." Go ahead and call the Salvation Army and have all your Hawaiian shirts boxed up and on the porch. If you have porn you better give it away. Make a nice spot on the sofa for your mother in law. Say "bye bye" to your ball sack and balls. Say "hello" to the honey-do list. No more strip clubs on Friday nite. You'll be holding her purse in the strip mall instead.

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    Dayyyuuummmm, Rusty! Bitter much?


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