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Thread: Number 1 Vacation spot for crips???

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    Number 1 Vacation spot for crips???

    I think I might need to treat myself to a vacation.

    Any cool ideas? I guess a cruise would be
    one. Would probably need to take an aide.



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    My house

    ~Never mistake motion for action~-Ernest Hemmingway

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    Are there any good sites to see.

    Hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink.


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    For us, when we were all still a family, was Washington, DC. Accessible and most of the sites are free. The metro system is awesome and accessible. We couldn't get enough. Combined business and pleasure trips to DC probably total around 20.

    When we toured the White House, they moved all of us to the front of the 90 minute line because of the heat. Once inside, Scott and Ruslan got to go through the White House kitchen to get to another part of the building we were touring. I was so jealous!! Tatiana and I asked if we could go too, but no ... .

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    I hear Vegas is good. Driving or flying?

    C5/6 incomplete, injured Aug. 2000

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    Well, I get to try my flight legs
    in Aug for my sister's wedding!

    I would like to get into a groove,
    because after settlement, I plan to do a lot of traveling.


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    check out cruises going out of Philly. I went on a celebrity to bermuda cruise a few years back and it was great. i know their ship horizon is still going there weekly.

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    Good accessible ship?


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    Stick to the major cruise lines, preferably ships built since 1995. There are good disabled cruiser discussion boards at both of these websites:

    I would recommend especially Royal Caribbean, Holland America and Celebrity, with Princess bringing up the rear. Have heard both good and bad about Norwegian Cruise Lines.

    There are a limited number of accessible cabins on each ship, so you have to book pretty far in advance generally, but I know some people who have lucked out with a last minute deal.

    We are going to Hawaii again in November...15 days RT from LA. Can't wait!


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    Cruise-depart from NYC so no flying necessary.

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