I've been a member of this group for a couple of years... I don't post much but
I read most of the post when I can... I was wondering if there was anyone out there
in the New York, New Jersey area who might know where to rent a hoyer lift... My
husband and I will be going on our first vacation since his injury 3 years ago... We are so excited, it's been quite challenging to facilitate all of the special needs for the accommodations and van rental... One last obstacle...

We will be staying at the Sheraton in East Rutherford, NJ but have not had any success
finding a rental Hoyer lift... The hotel was not able to assist us with coordinating
this effort... Our DME company was not able to make a referral either... Does anyone
know if insurance pays for this.... We don't use one at home because we had a Ceiling
lift installed on our own...

Any info would be helpful..

Soulmate to Marvin C3 Vented, 3 years post....