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Thread: Home Alone!!

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    Spoke too soon. A family member who shall be nameless but who looks and sounds just like my mother, decided SHE could not let me stay alone. I was all set and I got to enjoy most of the day before the party ended - fed myself and the dogs, did dishes and tidyed up while blasting Mindi Abair throughout the house. Oh yeah, I left lights on in rooms I wasn't even using!

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    Hmm, maybe you should tell the family member to just be on call or just check in? I mean really, it would be good for you to be on your own. Who knows what sort of adventures you might encounter!

    My husband (T8 comp) was on his own over night at about the six month point. No problems except he had to do a couple of extra transfers when he forgot to turn off the light before getting into bed!

    I have to admit it is hard on the moms. His mom does that sort of thing too. It is hard to be patient and wait for him to reach something or do a hard transfer on his own. *I* have to just go away sometimes! He did fall out of the chair once when he was by himself for about an hour, but he made it to the bedroom and was halfway onto the bed when I found him. He's stronger now and could probably get back into his chair, definitely onto the bed. You just never know til you (have to) try I guess.

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    Other tips:

    Leave a hanger around, it's good for reaching things that fall or a tad out of reach

    pencil and gum: chew gum, pop on end of pencil. Good for picking up papers and tiny items

    Don't lean over w/o hooking your arm around the push handle

    tell the surrogate mom you have her number and you NEED to do this

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    Liz is right!

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    Belle it's too late - Mom returned home choosing NOT to go away with the other family members. Her opportunity to go with them has passed. She knows of my disappointment and even some anger over her reversal. This is her issue NOT mine. I am ready to be alone, would even LOVE to be alone and stated that.
    I don't hear a great deal of positive reinforcement at home, in fact quite the opposite. I fight daily against this knowing it's detrimental effects. This is just one more in a frustrating series.

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