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Thread: World Wide Panorama: World Heritage Solstice

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    World Wide Panorama: World Heritage Solstice

    This isn't SCI-related, but I recently participated in a project that a few of you might find interesting...
    On the Solstice weekend, June 19-21, more than 110 photographers in 32 countries around the world created VR panoramas with the common theme of World Heritage. This site showcases the results of their efforts.
    See it here:

    My submission:

    To view the images on this site, you need Quicktime. If you don't have it, download it for free here:

    ~ scott

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    I love this technology.

    Your work is absolutely outstanding. Thanks for sharing Scott.

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    thanks Michael

    Did you open some of the full-screen versions? Those are what sold me on figuring this stuff out initially.

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    That is to kewl, Scott! The full screen view amazes me. That campus is beautiful. Good work.

    " The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
    - Alan Kay

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