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Thread: Musical instruments

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    I'm a guitarist who can't play guitar. Mmmhmm.

    Now on a serious note: Grade 8 piano, grade 8 violin, grade 5 flute, love to play guitar. And I used to be in the choir....

    Here are a few words used in music language...

    libretto: is the text of an opera, it comes from 'libro' (book), in Italy you would call any certification a libretto, e.g. the sheet of paper you get if you buy a car to prove that it is yours (libretto di circulatione), if you buy shares....and so on.

    aria: a song (solo) in an opera

    recitativo: the sentences in an opera which are no arias or duetts or terzetts , just telling the story

    staccato (stacc.): staccare = to separate, you would not combine two (or more) sounds like haaaa, you would sing (or blow if it is a flute) ha,ha,ha, would blow out the air for each sound anew (one breath with interrupted output: hu hu hu like a locomotive)not to be mixed up with tr (tremolo): continuous breathing out but you let your voice tremble.

    falsetto: to sing as if you would have a fistula in your throat

    adago: slowly

    andante: without special intonation, normal, andara = walking

    moderato: moderate

    moderato affettuoso: sing (or play if it refers to an instrument) as if you would be touched moderately,

    affettuoso: sing with the accent of passion

    p (piano) : still

    pp: very still

    tranquillo = pssst

    f (forte) : strong, with power

    ff : with much power

    tempo = speed

    affrett. (affretto) = increase speed

    rit. (ritardando = slow down, retard

    rall. (rallentando) = reduce speed

    allegro = merrily, cheerful, easy

    allegretto = moderate merrily

    con allegria = in merrily mood

    stent. (stentatamente) = the opposite of allegro = troublesome, clumsy, rough

    con brio = 'vivant', vivacious, lively

    allegro con brio

    deciso = decidedly, firm, determined

    largo, largamente = broad, voluminoso

    cresc. (crescendo) = growing, increasing volume and loudness

    più = continue; e.g. più f., più p., più cresc.

    assai = much, enough (assez in French), e.g. rit. assai, meno mosso e dolce assai = less moved and sweet enough

    refrain = repeat


    Please continue if you know some more...

    "Well YOU may not play guitar, but I play guitar...AND I LOVE IT!"

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    I play guitar and have developed tendonitis in my right elbow. It's a sharp pain that will not go away.

    I'll have to get a cortisone shot and not use my arm for a month.

    That'll be really easy.

    <i style="color: #666; font-size: .6em;">The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday - but never jam today.</i>

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    I took up banjo recently. I play guitar, ukulee and bass, but the banjo and ukulele and are my faves.

    I found a banjo with a cracked and split neck. I got it for 65.00 from musicians friend. I took a chance at my first major neck repair, and as it turns out, the repair was perfect, so yay, solid aluminum pot banjo for 65 bucks.

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    I've played guitar for 53 years, banjo for 40 and just picked up the tenor Ukulele.

    I had trouble with postioning playing them,though I still do. With the uke, it's a delight to be able to hold it with my left elbow more tucked in for support. The runs are so much easier to do and love the sound.

    I joined our local ukulele group and it feels so good to be jamming with others again.

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    what you playing on ukulele mr patrick?

    and look at ukulele

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    I just got back from a trip to Germany and I've caught a bit of a travel bug. I'm pondering the feasibility of finding a partner in crime and traveling the world as a street musician.

    Like Noah, I used to play guitar and have tried the thumbpick/slide thing but found it really cumbersome and awkward. A harmonica, however... I could tear that shit up if I put my mind to it. So that's my winter project. By Spring/Summer I can test my mettle on the streets out my door.

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    I can play the hell out of a harmonica, and by that I mean, I make a hellacious noise which causes my dog to howl and jump into my lap to grab it from my mouth. BTW, he's a german shepherd mix and NOT a lapdog.

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    yeah, my cat wont let me play harmonica either. it's just too pitiful how tortured they get.

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