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Thread: Cranberry pills, how much is too much?

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    Cranberry pills, how much is too much?

    Cranberry pills seem to have a great variety of strengths. I recently came accross a variety advertised as 6000 mg per pill. This was not a "gel-cap" with a liquid centre. Rather it is a compressed powder caplet. Is there any difference between the two? And most importantly how much of this stuff can you safley take? Are there any side effects from taking too much? The 6000 mg caplets I mentioned earlier reccommended up to 3 per day.

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    Wow - 6gm

    I used to take four of the 1000mg twice a day. They were also powder inside. Someone gave me the advice that taking more at one time instead of spreading them out made them more effective. I also loved avoiding the sugar required to make the juice palatable, though at one time I could down liquid concentrate straight. One thing to be cautious about is watery stools. They're nowhere near as risky as the juice but still have an effect in large doses. Maybe the nurses can comment on any other risks but I never noticed any problems except for the cost. I think I'd prefer something prescription if possible such that insurance could help pay for it. What is the cost of the 6000mg-ers?

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    Cranberry Pills

    Will have to do some research...(SAH)

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    Well, as cranberry is considered a supplement (herbal and vitamin family) and not a drug, I was unable to find the kinds of information I would have liked about it. Information like strenths, dosage, side effects. My educated advice is to be sure you discuss taking this type of supplement with your physician, stick to the directions on the bottle, (unless told otherwise by your physician) and drink plenty of water while taking it. As I have not had any experience taking care of SCI individuals on it, I can't give anecdotal info either. Maybe others can talk about their experiences. Everything I read said it is used to prevent UTI. Some of what I read stated the theory is that it prevents the bacteria that cause UTI from sticking to the bladder wall. Again, drinking plenty of water while taking it was indicated over and over. (SAH)

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    Cranberry capsules

    I would only add that I have had a number of clients who have tried this and ended up with bowel accidents due to loose stools. If you are going to try it, start slowly and gradually increase and monitor your bowels.

    Here is some general information:


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    Cranberry Pills

    I have been taking a supplement called CranActin for quite a while and have gotten pretty good results. It is one of those brands that guarantees bacterial antiadherence activity(BAA). It only has 400 mg of cranberry extract in it but "they" say you cannot drink enough cranberry juice in one day to equal the amount of BAA you get from these capsules. They are powder capsules not gelcaps.

    Hope this helps.

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    I was glad to read TD's reply. The research I am familiar with also states that 400 mgm of cranberry solids are all that is needed to provide a beneficial effect. Going beyond this is probably a waste of money. (EMK)

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    There is much research on the subject of cranberries and urinary tract infection. I had previously posted some of these abstracts. There is controversy whether it works. I don't think that the effect is solely from vitamin C which you can take as much as 2 grams a day without side-effects. I just wrote a summary of the literature

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