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Thread: i need some advice.

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    i need some advice.

    in rehab my room was right next door to a beautiful 18 year old girl named samantha. she had sustain a c2 complete injury from a car wreck. though she was never able to talk, i could tell by her genuine smile and disposition that she was as sweet as they come. that was almost a year ago, but i still get quite upset thinking about sam and the limitations her injury has placed on her. she made me feel thankful for my own dire situation at a time when such thoughts were very difficult to come by.

    and though my injury is not much lower, c6,.. i still have trouble relating to what her reality is like. i want to get in touch with her or possibly see her, but i struggle at what to do or say.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Don't worry about her reality and just hang out with her.

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    If she is a year post, she might be using some form of augmentative communication device. There are many ways to communicate. For instance, you could ask her yes or no questions and ask her to blink once for yes and twice for no. She might have some other device by now which will speak for her.

    I would not be afraid to communicate with her, it just might mean that you have to step out of the box to have a "conversation" or "talk" to her.


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    Do you know how to contact her? The rehab center would not be allowed to give you her name or contact information, but if you ask them to pass your information on to her, then she can choose if she wants to get in touch with you. I bet she would love having a friend like you. Persevere!

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    Spaceboy, please check your private topics...

    Hey Spaceboy...

    I have a couple of thoughts, please check your private topics...



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    i don't have her address, but i stay in touch with a nurse tech who has it and would forward it to me.

    i am writing a letter, i guess i'll just start there.

    thanks everyone for the advice.

    "The essense of greatness is the perception that courage is enough." R. Waldo Emerson

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    Spaceboy, your tech friend needs to know that if he gives you this woman's address, he is in violation of HIPAA and subject to up to a $50,000 fine. This is serious stuff!

    Have him pass your letter on to her instead.


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    And don´t forget to tell her about this site!

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