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Thread: What Profession do you represent at the CareCure Forums?

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    Speech-Language Pathologist, MA, CCC/SLP

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    Gone to France
    Stringbob Foampants?

    Current Profession: Molecular Biologist
    Level 5 Graduate Student, (at level 6 can change class to Level 1 PhD with special item Thesis.)

    I own a cat and a scanner - I decided to do my bit for the economy and perform my own CAT Scans at home, in the comfort of my bedroom, thus lessening the demand on the hospitals for the same service.

    This is my sister's cat, poppy. CAT ScansThe poor thing's probably emotionally dysfunctional by now, what with being scanned, having Madz vomit on it at a party and being forcibly raped by my apparently lesbian Dog.

    You know what to do.

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    I'm an Information Technology Project Manager for a large healthcare services organization in Minnesota. I stepped down from my Director role when I decided to return part-time (approx. 20 hours/week) after my injury. My degree is in Business Administration--focus on finance from Winona State University, Winona, Minnesota. I also have a Supervisory Certificate from the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

    Best of luck in your studies and finding a path.


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    Contract Negotiator for the Navy.

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    Truck driver,commercial fisherman and heli logger.Since the sci monster bit me in the ass i now spend my time Ghostbusting and Vampire hunting...

    ''Shoot the protester ya cant stop the protest.Murder the rebel ya cant stop the rebellion''..

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    I went to two years of college so I could work in an office as a legal secretary. But when I met Jesse's Dad, he was a beekeeper, so for 33 years straight, I have been a beekeeper in the family business along side Jesse and Bert, my youngest son, and Randy, my husband.

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    im a tryingtowalkagainogist

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    Deputy District Attorney (aka Prosecutor)

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    Prior to the accident I was the lead mechanic at a large hydro electrical plant and dam on the Missouri River just up stream from where Lewis and Clark spent the winter during their trip to the Pacific Ocean. Now I am a Natural Resource Specialist aka Park Ranger. I have a BS in Range Management/ Livestock Production. Also a Father and Husband.

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    Professional pain in the ass who works for the forces of evil = contract lobbyist.

    Thinking of going to law school so I can be even lower on the food chain = contract lobbyist/attorney.

    Wow, at this pace perhaps I should consider selling used cars on the side.


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