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    NOW...say something nice about someone ELSE!!

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    1FAB RN!!
    Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!
    Cathy J

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    Happy Birthday

    "I guess pain is a great motivator."- Yanni
    Eine Welf, Ein Volk

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    Happy Birthday Mary!!!

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    mary, in honor of your birthday i decided to say something nice about.....duge. i've been trying real hard to think of something but i just can't seem to find ANYTHING! oh well, happy birthday anyway.

    just kidding! duge is alot of fun to pick on and our joking has helped me through many hard days. thanx duge and happy birthday mary!

    "I vote . . . unrestrained idiocy . . ." -larwatson

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    Originally posted by 1FINE RN:

    NOW...say something nice about someone ELSE!!
    I have had the pleasure of speaking with Paul myself Mary. Found him to be the best there is when you also meet yourself in need of some support and friendship too. I was very happy to hear his voice on both Yahoo voice messenger and on my home phone. We only now need to meet in person so I can feed him some good mexican food he tells me he is craving.

    Also, I have found FreeJ to be a very caring person. His emails have always come at the right times and brought so much into my life. He is truly a wonderful person whom I would also like to have the pleasure to meet one day.

    Steven Edwards is someone whom I admire and feel inspired by his youth and knowledge at his age. I have found him a great young man whom I can also rattle off in spanish and know he can understand what I am saying. He has also helped me to practice to use my native language and bring me back to it's usage. I have lost so much of it lately. But it is all coming back again. Thanks Steven.

    There are many here whom I have found to be really great people to chat with and hope to one day be able to meet with them all. Thanks for people like them all. It makes a world of difference with you all.


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    how would you like to be indulged? if I'm going to indulge someone I like to know what kind of indulging to do

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    Originally posted by Chris2:

    how would you like to be indulged? if I'm going to indulge someone I like to know what kind of indulging to do
    The indulgence is in YOU posting something nice about someone else. We have way too many opportunities lately to bite at each other around here... When I was at the Rally, sitting at tables among some of you, eating and drinking, I realized, how awful it would have been if some of the things I sometimes read on CC were actually SAID. I am supportive of venting, but people need to hear good stuff too. So, that is what I wanted for my birthday, for this community to begin to openly support one another regardless of the other negative prevailing feelings.

    If you do not want to do that, feel free to send jewelry... ''


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    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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