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    Ok so, its my birthday and I worked night shift last night...and am too tired to move around much so I am going to sit around and write nice things about people. Feel free to join me if you wish but please stay on topic..the topic is NICENESS.

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    OK I thought I would try to go in order of appearance in my life...telling the stories and how each one made my life more than it was before...

    First Care Cure dude:


    It was just after you returned home from Taiwan and I was searching for info and just found myself writing to you in a way I never had felt good about before. I remember you saying I was an "eloquent goddess" That was the best ego stroke I ever had at that point in my life. I remember that you said you would kick my a$$ if I ever gave up...even Pia got into it, so regardless of the road you are rolling, you are one of my favorite people...I still am not giving up. You are a good man , oh yeah a hard ass but V, you are who you are and I like you that way.... let us know about Brasil my are loved.

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    First Care Cure dudette:


    When we found each other we were really screwed up. It was awesome how we helped each other to get moving forward taking back what was ours and going on with life the way we are. I am so impressed with your hard work and progress...I wish I could get to Texas to sit on the porch with you...It seems like we made plans for Margaritas did we not...??? You are a strong woman, I care very deeply for you and your family. Thank you for your friendship.

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    Paul Nussbaum was next. I had heard of him by word of mouth...from a friend in SD named Nick. He sounded interesting...little did I know that he would become a great friend and confidant...I have never had a more stable thinking person to be friends with..I admit to listening to his advice more times than most people's...Thank you Paul. You were always there when I was crying. I think that the last time was like, last week!!

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    On the outside chance that you are lurking around under some weird name, I will just thank you for being online with me countless times hearing me state: "men are stupid". He always had a good answer: "what did we do this time mary?"

    Thanks for everything...I have your artwork and picture hanging in my kitchen. Be well.

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    Thanks for your loyalty. Being a friend of yours is a true gift. Oh and you are cute too!! I'm glad I grabbed that little kiss when I did way back when.....LOL

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    Happy Birthday Mary

    ''Shoot the protester ya cant stop the protest.Murder the rebel ya cant stop the rebellion''..

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    Thank you!! You are the one most responsible for me learning to never judge a bad-ass on the surface! You are a great guy and I am proud of the way you are working things out each day. Please accept this humble slogan as a token of my admiration:

    Shaun for MODERATOR!! YAY!


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    Congrats on your 21st, Mary.

    -Steven affluent suburb. 3:30 in the afternoon. 64 degrees and cloudy. the white house declined comment.

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