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Thread: Ford lawyer makes Explorer apology

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    Ford lawyer makes Explorer apology

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    Finally!! I was injured in a Ford Explorer rollover accident and have been watching Ford wiggle out of product liability lawsuits for nearly 4 years. Thanks for posting.


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    Her statement can be read HEREon Public Citizen's website. I read that she offered to waive 100 million of the punitive damages if Ford would recall Explorers up to the year 2002 and fix the weak roofs and stability problem. Ford claimed the vehicle is safe because it meets federal standards. The standards the auto industry wrote themselves 30 years ago.

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    Your Welcome. Just in case you don't know...I also have an on-line petition as there is a bill in Congress right now...title IV of S1072 addresses the roof crush/rollover issue.
    We hope to help try to get a meaningful roof crush standard. My petition is on Public Citizen's website under take action and also here
    I have about 900 signature now but we need as many as we can get!

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    93 on the computer after my husband and used his logon ID
    Will repost under mine

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    did it again

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    OK this time I'm using my own ID Sorry about that!
    Judge Lowers Ford Rollover Victim's Award
    Click Here to read entire article
    Superior Court Judge Kevin Enright said in his ruling Thursdaythe evidence presented at trial earlier this year showed Ford "acted with malice and that Ford acted with a conscious disregard for the safety of others."

    "Ford cannot protect itself by arguing the vehicle meets all applicable safety standards when there is evidence Ford knew of potentially fatal defects during the development and manufacture of the vehicle not addressed by the safety standards and chose not to remedy those problems,"...

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    Wade ( Edwards' son ) died in a roll-over accident. He was driving a jeep cherokee when a wind gust caused him to lose controle over the vehicle.
    His passenger Taylor walked away from the accident, but the roof had collapsed on Wade, killing him instantly!

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    It's unreal how many lives have been affected by this issue. So many needless deaths and injuries that could easily be prevented. I had heard his son died in a rollover crash, but didn't know the details. It's no wonder that he and Kerry signed the letter in support of the safety provisions in S1072. The bill is still stalled.
    Thanks for posting this info Faye.

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    Check it outRoof Crush Interview
    Click on the link if you'd prefer to watch the video instead of reading the article.

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