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Thread: About Living in the Past

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    Very Happy Birthday..and may this be a banner year for you and yours.

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    Were Mary and Beth roommates?


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    We were roommates in NYC a couple of weeks ago.

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    Happy Birth Day special nursey


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    Not sure which thread to post this in but Happy Birthday Mary. May you have many more

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    Happy, happy B-day!!! Many more to come...

    krajaxa & family

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    A very Happy Birthday Mary! You were one of my first friends here and I'm proud to have made your acquaintance I hope you enjoy many more birthdays!!

    P.S. Sorry Mar ... the Marilyn birthday song is just for the boys
    {{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}} instead!!

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    Originally posted by 1FINE RN 06-14-04:

    The other day I was thinking about some financial planning for myself and I remembered about 4 years ago I was seated at the kitchen table with a financial planner and my then husband discussing the future. The children were at that time 7 and 9. They had both been recently very ill, and I was a stay at home mom with no skills or career.
    Originally posted by 1FINE RN 04-16-04:
    I hold a B.S. in Education, have taught in a variety of venues over 25 years.

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    thanks for explaining marco...

    Anyway, hope you and your daughter had good birthdays.

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    I can understand the confusion. Since Mary's not logged in to explain, I'll shed what little light I know about this.

    Since she was in college, Mary's been teaching a variety of subjects in a volunteer capacity. After graduation, she got married, had a family and chose to be a full time mother. During that time, her certification to teach expired because she wasn't active. When the marriage ended, for whatever reasons (and Mary knows them best), nursing became her field of choice.

    Her life since college has almost been a blueprint of mine. My teaching certification expired too, which has made it more difficult to get hired. I'm lucky to have the flexibility and hours of a teacher in my current job, but I certainly don't have the salary or benefits.

    I admire Mary for returning to school to get another degree, especially during a rough time in her life. I don't think I could have done it.

    I'm sure Mary will fill in the gaps, if she feels it's necessary.

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