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Thread: About Living in the Past

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    Hey I have an expired teaching certificate in my past too! And I hope it stays there! It takes one hell of brave soul to teach! It only took 3 years to wear me down! My venues were GED prep (JOBS program), 1st grade, and K-4....I loved my kids and teaching them, but the System crushed my soul. Back certificate, stay back!!

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    I taught professionally after college, over one year as a substitute, the second year as a professional, the third year as a teacher in a proprietary business school. We lived in 9 places in 5 years. When I made the switch to hospital business, I worked with patients and clients on the financial end of the inpatient experience. When my kids came, I did a lot of volunteer work, and was active in teaching in my church. In 1995 my two year old daughter became very ill. Her symptoms were erratic and elusive and over the course of a year she became unable to walk or climb, and was put through months of testing ....For two years my life revolved around caring for her, and sometime in the middle the asthma was finally developed enough to discover. It took another year to identify and treat and eliminate all the allergens and control her meds to keep her finally breathing productively. She was healthy finally in four years time. That year, a tumor was discovered in my son's chest. For four years I had done nothing but care for my daughter, and now I was facing a cancer scare in my little boy. The weeks following were a blur, we were sent to Children's Hospital and the tumor was removed in a VERY dangerous procedure, as the fast growing tumor was wrapped around and choking off the phrenic nerve. This was during my first year of nursing school. The results of my son's pathology were inconclusive for two years following..I was busy. I lived in a bad situation, but don't look for attention for that. After 5 years in the house, technology ran way past me, and I had virtually NO marketable skills. I was at my lowest, and my then husband was swirling in his own quagmire of pathology. I knew deep down I had the raw materials, but between years of sick kids, fears and a husband who got off on denegrating me, I became depressed and unable to see what was right in front of me. I am ashamed to admit that my weakness allowed me to believe that I was worthless and that there was no hope. Maybe no one can identify with those feelings, and I am glad that in me they were temporary. I believe that I recovered a lot of myself with the first baby I helped to deliver.

    I always had my credentials behind me but for a while I lost sight and did not believe in myself. Other people believed in me, I am thankful for that. I found out later that the little things I had done as a volunteer served me well, and helped me to grow in my current nursing endeavor. What I was describing was a very harsh period in my life, and my perception of it, not necessarily what I now realize to have been the truth. I suppose some may think of me as some kind of loser for that time, so be it...I know better now and have moved on. Maybe that ties together two quotes taken from two different topics, that seemed to contradict. Please excuse me.


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    Originally posted by chick:

    Originally posted by 1FINE RN 06-14-04:
    The other day I was thinking about some financial planning for myself and I remembered about 4 years ago I was seated at the kitchen table with a financial planner and my then husband discussing the future. The children were at that time 7 and 9. They had both been recently very ill, and _I was a stay at home mom with no skills or career._
    Originally posted by 1FINE RN 04-16-04:
    _I hold a B.S. in Education, have taught in a variety of venues over 25 years_.

    Whoa...way harsh. You get paid extra for being snotty?

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    happy bday Mary

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    Originally posted by itchyfeet:

    Whoa...way harsh. You get paid extra for being snotty?
    Whoa...simply quoting someone's own words is called snotty now?

    Nevertheless, any percieved snottiness was really a public service on my part, with no monetary reward. If there was cash being offered, I'm sure I wouldn't have been the one to publically note the discrepancy

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    I always had my credentials behind me but for a while I lost sight and did not believe in myself.
    I totally understand this. When leaving my last position, self employed massage therapist, I thought, "but WHAT will I do? This is ALL I know!"...then thought, "Wait, I have a college degree, I can teach (even though I didn't want to), I can use my degree to enter a related or even different field, I can go back to school and further my education."...the options were endless. But, I was "who" I was for so long that the fact that I had other marketable skills, talents and credentials, just kind of "slipped my mind". Crazy as that sounds, it's really easy to forget "who" you are and "what" you have when you are caring for others. When someone other than yourself is the focus of your life, everything else turns into a blur. I've been caring for different ill, or elderly, or both, family members for the last 10 years and now that I am married to a man with special health needs for four years of that ten, I understand this completely. I suppose this may sound odd to some, but I think anyone who has taken care of a loved one for any extended period of time would understand.

    Mary...happy birthday again! I think you rule girl! Carol

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    Hey Mary
    You are not alone. I so understand how after many years of a mean husband it takes its toll on self image and confidence. I am so grateful to be free. It is scarry and new but it is great. When I start having the lonely feelings I try to remind myself how much better it is now that he has left. What is it about some men that want their wives to be less than they are. We wanted the most and best for them.

    Sometimes when I read these messages I can't respond that day because of the tears. We write our storys and it is like we are writing for each other. Thanks Mary, thanks Carol for being the sisters of my heart.


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    Happy Belated Birthday and Congratulations on what you have done with your life. You definitely have reason to be proud!!

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