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Thread: Heard a rumor..

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    Heard a rumor..

    That Celine Dion's nephew or cousin suffered an sci about two or three weeks ago?

    Maybe some of our Canadian members can check this out or shed some light.

    Anyone else hear this?

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    Couldn't find out anything doing web searches. I think if it were true we would have heard something by now, wouldn't we? I hope it isn't true. But I'm tantalized by the thought of having Celine Dion sing at our next Rally for Cure.

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    jeff, Celine Dion is very committed and aware of spinal cord injury. She went to visit Sang Lan when she was in the hospital and sang the Titanic song for her by her bedside. Celine herself had a sprained neck last month. Wise.

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    Come on, dream BIG children. Why doesn't someone ring up Ozzy Osbourne? After all he did break/crack a neck vertebrae last December. I'm sure he would love to help the cause

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    Why haven't we heard anything further about Jessica Lynch and her SCI? Maybe someone should try to locate her and let her know CC is here.


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    I doubt it. We would have had alot of coverage up here in Quebec. Probably as much if not more than Reagan

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    I spoke with one of my ol' Army budies that was injured (not SCI) right after Lynch returned to the states. He went home on leave, a couple of towns over from hers. He said he had the "mispleasure" of meeting her and that she is too self absorbed with her book money to give a 'rat's ass' about anyone. But that is just his take on her.

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