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Thread: Fate

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    Just another thought crossing my mind as I ponder that which is love - which I can't imagine ever fully understanding.

    Having had an adult life for years before Debbie, I have been in the position of loving and having been loved by another and yet they left. Seen others who have been there. Seems to me that whatever reasons are given outwardly, the real reason is fear. Fear of committment, fear of responsiblity, fear of love itself sometimes. The fear of whatever overwhelms the love.

    If anyone ever writes a book explaining love and it's all nuances, I"ll be first in line to buy a copy.

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    I've felt love 2 times in my life. The first, I was 15 and that lasted until until my accident, though we were both unfaithful towards the end. He, however, stayed by my side the *entire* recovery. I had told the man I left him for to leave (ironically, we remain friends to this day). After I was released from the hospital, we went our seperate ways. I grieved for him, but I did not ask for him back. To do so would have diminished whatever little integrity I had at the time.
    I dated a lot, threw the word "love" around rather carelessly, then met (rather, discovered) the man with whom I refer to now. Maybe because I'm older, but the emotion is incredibly intense and I feel guilty for everything I feel: I have a boyfriend who adores me, why should I even be typing this post? Why should I dream of him or speak or write of him?
    Yes, if someone ever discovered the enigma which is love, they wouls surely win the Nobel Prize. It's crazy. I have to write here and in my journals, because if otherwise, I would be so tempted to write him a letter.
    I need to follow my advice & renovate: focus on what I have before me, dedicate myself to my current relationship - and, I do care for my BF very much. I need to concentrate on that.

    God, it's hard, though. Remembering words, sights, smell, taste...I wish I could erase that torment from my memory (no matter how much pleasure it brought me before)

    Thanks for reading/ALL the fabulous responses. It helps so much.

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