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Thread: Working or not working

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    Working or not working

    With my depression I can't see that I'm going to hold on to my job

    Basically in the long term I would have to live off my family's money my mum and then my sister.

    How would I ever get rid of depression under those circumstances - being more of a burden than I am already?

    I am trapped in a catch 22 situation

    has anyone not worked since my accident and felt content? Trouble is I've always worked since my accident and know no other way but I am really starting to feel how diffiocult it has been

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    what exactly is your problem? Your sad? Because your legs don't work? You say that you have delt with our injury pretty well until recently, when you hit an emotional wall. What kept you going before? Did it go away?
    Just think if you lose your job, you will have so much more time to sit around and think about how much life sucks. Not to mention the loss of income, social interaction, and time out of the house.
    You seem to be fixated on a cure. Cure cure cure, bla bla bla. If you sit around waiting for a cure and it doesn't happen, you are going to be very disapointed. On the other hand, if you put it out of your mind and it happens, you may be pleasantly surprised.
    I think that you should consintrate on the things that you can control, unless you are a genetic engenere or neurologic researcher the cure for parallasis is not it. What you can control is whether or not you get up and go to work.
    Oh yea, normal. why strive to be nnormal? Lets all strive to be exceptional. Exceptional in the bodies that we now own. since the dream of the bodies we once owned is over. It is just an unavoidable reality.
    keep a stiff upperlip. keep your chin up. when life gives you lem... oh screw it. I know that I'm a newbe, but these are some of the things that I think about to get me through the day.
    Good luck with your battle Chris


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    Don't quit your job unless you have a substitute for your time. I did the 50hr weeks for 10 years an then 'retired disabled'.

    Talk about bouncing off the walls into depression, it was ugly, wouldn't sit up or roll over for weeks.

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    man stop feeling sorry for yourself. u stop working youll be dead in 6 mths, is that what u want

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    It is difficult to say anything as long as you live in New Zealand and I do not know the sosial system.

    Here I would have called in sick for a periode of a year, get full paid and get treatment to get better.

    TH 12 incomplete 12-12-69.

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    Don't stop working, keep fighting.
    Its not easy, but just keep going.
    Your not alone.

    "I guess pain is a great motivator."- Yanni
    Eine Welf, Ein Volk

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    nobody hear can help you as much as you need. Go see a local Dr. and get on with life.

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    can you take 2 weeks or a month off from work? in the us, most jobs give you paid vacation time. i mean when i say vacation, actually go somewhere to clear your head and think about your situation and what you want out of this life. i do find that i have to keep my mind busy or i will go crazy. i really wish you well and know you've been depressed for a long time. are your issues medically related?

    Live simply, so others may simply live ~Gandhi~

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    My doctor gave me 3 weeks off work when I hit the wall. It got to the point where I couldn't face work. Went to a social worker and psychologist. Began taking Efexor. Nine months later I'm coming off Efexor. See the psychologist once a month. Social worker rings occasionally. Still a way to go but I'm on my way.
    Only advice I can give is seek help.
    All the best.

    Welcome to the party pal!
    Bruce Willis, Diehard

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    I don't live in New Zealand.
    I haven't been injured for 22 years.
    I don't use my head as a suppository.

    I spent 18 months as a C4 quad NEEDING people to do damn near EVERYTHING for me. I lost all of my pride and most of my dignity. I was a burden on the ones I love. I didn't want their help, I needed it. After 2 years of injury I taught myself how to program in C (using voice recognition software) and got a programming job. I was VERY lucky. My brother works for a small company that really values him. The owner came and visited me at home several times and offered to help. When I felt I could do real work they hired me. Now I work full time and can type with some "fingers" I had made. I have functioned as a C4/5 for the last 2 years, trying to do more every day.
    It KILLS me to hears about someone with more function who isn't doing the most with it (including some ABs I've met). If you throw in the towel, do you really think your family will willingly support you for an indefinite period of time? Do you really want to do that to them? It's YOUR problem. Let them be your support to deal with it, don't make it their problem.
    I'm sorry if this isn't the warm and fuzzy answer you wanted, but I tell it like I see it. You made a very similar post last year if I remember correctly. This is something you can't seem to shake. I'm not of the mindset to get a pill for my problems, but maybe you need to see a doc about antidepressants. You maybe blaming your SCI for all of the bad aspects of your life. How did you cope this long? What has changed in the last couple years?
    I sincerely hope you find peace, but don't look for pity, not here atleast.

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