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Thread: accessible van rental in utah help please

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    accessible van rental in utah help please

    I will be traveling with 5 family members to utah to visit our great grandma on july 8-13th and we are gonna need a van once we get there. I will be calling a place I found on line tomorrow to see about prices but in the mean time if anyone knows of how I could go about getting a van, I appreciate any info. My grandmother is dying....91....we need a vehicle I can get into and a van would be best to keep us all together. I don't even neccessarily have to drive, just be able to get in......thank you, Lexi

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    The largest company is Wheelchair Getaways. Be prepared to spend about $120/day in most places they service for an accessible ramped mini-van:

    Address......3270 Majestic Dr.
    City.........Salt Lake City
    Alt Phone....801-583-1887
    TTY .........801-583-8466 Fax

    There generally is seating for a driver, one person in a wheelchair and 3 others (very snug) in these vans.

    I also found this company:


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    Hi Bird
    This bussiness is ran by a member here on CC I use to live in Utah before my SCI but I found this link of a place about 150 north of Las Vegas. I don't know where you are flying into I live just north of this town so I use to fly to Vegas.I Hope this will help .

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    I have spoken with the women from Wheelers and I am really impressed with her and her business approach. It is nice to have someone really Understand the issues as well as to give business to a community member.

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