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Thread: Clothes Shopping

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    Clothes Shopping

    Well I recieve a $500 clothing allowance fom Workers Comp. and I desperately need summer clothes but I HATE SHOPPING NOW. I'm always buying stuff that doesn't fit because its too hard to try it on at the store and it's depressing seeing all the clothes I'd love to wear if I had the sexy 22 year old AB body I'm supposed to have.

    Any tips? Clothes styles that are more flattering for a quad gut? Shorts that don't ride up when sitting?

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    Grrrr. I went yesterday. I think I'd rather wear rags.:-( No help here.

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    I live in a climate that is warm for most of the time, and buying shorts have always been my pet hate. Long shorts are the only way to go, short shorts just look weird with the skinny legs and tummy thing, but by long shorts i mean ones that sit about 3 to 4 inches above the knee when sitting. Try to avoid ones with front pleats and the other thing that bugs me are front pockets cut on angles, as they seem to stick out and look goofy. I find low cut shorts are good as they tend to hold the belly in a bit.

    Dont worry, I feel your pain at buying clothes!

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    PJ'S ,..Im not kidding? The pjamma bottoms these days are the ticket (will for me anyways).There oh so light and thin,and come in so many fashions no one but you will know what they are.Next time your Zellers or Wally world check em out....This message has been brought to you by the letters P and J and by the number 5

    But seriously Emi if your looking for something light and cool for summer,there awsome.I also find they stay up when transfering

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    After numerous trips to the store for summer clothes, I finially went shopping online at LL Bean. I bought shorts like anna described, walking shorts, flat front. They had some with a waist in the front, elastic in the back so the waist looks good and rides correctly.

    Hubbie suggested the online shopping as I was finding dressing rooms, clothing racks, etc impossible. Much simplier to try on at home and mail back than to hassel parking, etc.

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    i really miss shopping finding great deals and dressing in skirts, dresses, and cute little shoes. now everything is about convenience. can't give you advice on shorts, but khaki or stretch jeans work for me as long as their one size bigger. a belt is also a neccesity so your pants don't fall while tranferring and it also kinda helps the quad belly. like cheesecake, i prefer online shopping too.

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    Try cargo shorts. They are longer(about knee length) and a lot of them have elastic waists, which definately help keep from falling down when transferring. The most recent ones I've bought were at Costco & they were only about $15.00. I believe the brand is OP. Also, I buy a lot of clothes at GoodWill or Salvation Army thrift stores. Lots of very nice clothes, in good condition significantly cheaper than retail stores. Hope I've been of some help

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    Scrubs. Everybody seems to be wearing them now.

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    I'm a c4-5. I wear a lot of dresses (I've been loving strapless w/a slit up the side), but also just sundresses. Also, love shoulder-baring shirts (off the shoulder). Found a very sweet pale-pink off the shoulder shirt at Macy*s by DKNY. Low-rise capris are good, too. I've been avoiding jeans unless I'm just hanging around, but low-rise boot-cut (I like Guess and Seven brand -- but, not the price :-/) Same w/trousers, flat front work best. Avoid "slit pockets" on the sides, they'll bulge when you sit. Never wear shorts anymore, I've fallen in love w/dresses again. (plus, I leave to France in several weeks and the women are not so casual as here, so this is also practice I guess) I don't have to transfer (I can only wish I could :-( ), so I'm able to manage thong-type sandles. I know shoes get complicated when one transfers. Though, I know my friend attatched a clear band around the back of her heel.
    Best luck.

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    I rock the PJ bottoms too. Waly world or Croft and Barrow from Kolls. Asfar as shorts I wear longer b-ball shorts. Sorry I'm not any help on the looking pretty front. Also there are a number of catalogs with clothes for crips. The pants and shorts have like a butt bulge built in. Idon't recall the name of the store.


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