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Thread: Power wheelchair and van problem

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    Power wheelchair and van problem

    My son has a Pride Quantum Blast 650 power chair about 18 months old. He has been having problems with the chair going up the ramp on his lowered-floor mini van. He has to go up the ramp backwards because he can't maneuver to the drivers area if he goes in forward because of a space problem. The chair has always given him a problem with the power cutting out half way up the ramp. Last night he got stranded because the chair cut out all together and would not work. We are looking into why the circuit did not reset, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar problem with a power chair if they too have to go up a ramp backwards. The wheelchair dealer said it was probably too big of a load on the system but the ramp really isn't that high. The van modification guy said that the chairs are programmed to go slower in reverse and that the wheelchair dealer could be right, although he had not been told of a similar problem by any of his other customers. I would also like opinions in general about this chair. My son decided on this chair while in rehab with the help of his therapists, but has not really been happy with it at home because of its bulkiness. Unfortunatley, insurance paid for this chair and we may be stuck with it a while.

    Any comments on the chair or a similar problem you may have had would be appreciated. Also, any recommendations for a new chair brand and model (if it must come down to that)?

    Thank you all, Deb

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    go to the guy who hosts the site will bend over backwards to get your blast squared away, he works for pride mobility. good luck

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    Sounds like it may be a problem with the torque as opposed to the speed. Mark Smith at will help you.

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    In Florida power chairs are covered by the 'lemon law' sounds like you may have a lemon and can either get a new chair or a full refund.

    Be agressive, they will ignore as long as they can.

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    Originally posted by lilsister:

    Sounds like it may be a problem with the torque as opposed to the speed. Mark Smith at will help you.
    I agree. Increase the torque.


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    Also, check to see if any of the Mercury kill switches are malfunctioning. Adjusting the tilt (if you have it) or switching the power off and back on again may solve your problem in the short term.


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    I've got one just like it and it sounds like the mercury switch needs to be adjusted. I've had mine 2 month or more and I hate it. Biggest piece of junk i've been since being hurt. My Quickie chairs was 3 times the chair then this one. I've programmed mine and have used the factory setting but they still have no power. The only thing I like is the ride. That just my opinion.

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    i have a quickie p222. i go forward into my minivan and have lots of turning radius. i even tried backing into it after reading this post, and had no probs.

    so, either your son is a big guy, or it's a crappy chr. or mebbe both...

    a minivan has a small incline. you know, rehab pt's aren't very reliable in giving chr advice. and i speak from exp. do you have an abilities expo nearby where you could try out several different kinds? for the quality and service, quickie has always been best for me.

    btw, been to wheelchairjunkie site a few times. i'd kinda question the objectivity if affiliated w/pride. i know i've disagreed w/quickie reviews there.

    and i hate going backwards. in fact, i never do it. certainly, not in my own van.

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