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Thread: Would you give your SCI to someone else, for a day or week?

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    Would you give your SCI to someone else, for a day or week?

    Trade places with a loved one, your spouse, parent or sibling for a week? Would you want them to "really" know or would you keep them blissful?

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    Not someone i am related to but maybe the person responsible for my injury, but just for a day. But i wouldnt even wish it on my worst enemy as a permanent thing.

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    Mainly I'd like my former attendants (pca's)from hell to have sci, and my former attendant (pca) who's now sitting in her prison cell currently because she decided to steal from me. That about sums it up for me. However, It's kind of rude to wish it on anyone, but it makes you feel better for about a minute or so lol.

    What about you, Cris? (since you posed the question)

    "I guess pain is a great motivator."- Yanni

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    The only person that I'd consider letting take my place for a week would be my older brother, but then I probably wouldn't even do that because he'd likely tell me what a joke it was and how easy it was after it was all over.

    ...some people live for the fortune, some people live just for the fame, some people live for the power yeah, some people live just to play the game

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    Probably not an answer to your question, but as a parent I would gladly trade places with my son, and wish I was the one in the chair and not him.

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    Lol @ your comment Steven, ya, I've got some in my family like that too.

    In answer to the question, if they knew it was only going to be a week, it would not give them a true taste of SCI.

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    My husband and I often wish we could trade every other week-"your turn". Otherwise, I wouldn't wish this nightmare on anyone.


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    i'd definitely trade places with someone for a week or a day. they wouldn't have to live with the fear that their situation could be permanent, but they would at least understand the urgency of a cure for paralysis. i want someone to feel my spasms, which plague me everyday.

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    My girlfriend and I have often wished we could trade its very interesting seeing her wheel around. I guess its something that many people have thought about or talked about with somebody, but I just really want a loved one or friend to know what it feels like. To truly understand there needs to be a cure NOW.


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    Oh I'd give my husband's SCI to several people in our family, but I'd give it to them for at least a year or two so they could get a true feel for it. And they would not have the luxury of knowing it was temporary. They'd think it was forever. And even THAT would be a minimal "sentence" compared to the hurt they have created.

    And like Bob with his son, I'd also trade places with my husband. I wish that were possible.

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