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Thread: Would you give your SCI to someone else, for a day or week?

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    Originally posted by Amanda:

    Almost like I've started to think of the chair as an extension of me. Part of me, not anyone else. Kinda like taking my nose and sticking it on his face. Making any sense?

    Lots of sense...I feel the same way. My sister likes to play in mine and I tease her that karma will come back to bite her, but it is very much an extension of me and my personal space. I don't like for other people to touch my chair without asking, because it's like part of my body.

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    There are plenty of wannabes who are stupid enough to trade. I'd let them have it. Idiots. But I would never let a loved one take this from me. They could never know how bad a decision they're making until afterwards.

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    George W. Bush is a person I would gladly relinkwish this c4/c5 body to. Let's see how fast he reverses his stem cell policy as a quad. The spineless weasle wouldn't last a day.


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    Probably my sister because she's going through a very stupid phase as a teenager and I would like her to see how much worse it could be and how lucky she has it.

    I don't feel as the wheelchair is an extension of me, it's just something I sit in. *shrug*

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    Originally posted by Cris:

    Trade places with a loved one, your spouse, parent or sibling for a week? Would you want them to “really” know or would you keep them blissful?
    Don't wish harm on anyone or any creature..and hope they feel the same.

    Thinking about it would you trade places with
    someone with terminal cancer..or ALS that has
    about a week to live?

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    Well in the wreck that i was in (i wasnt driving) one of my friends also broke hes neck, but no damage was done to the cord at all. The brake was at C2, and i told my friend he was the luckyesy person in the world. He told me he didnt feel that lucky. All i could do was shake my head and roll away. Well turns out he got a DWI this weekend (yes my wreck was becouse of alcohal ) and he blew a .28. This kids a FU*KING idiot and i would love to give him my SCI for a week if not more.

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    Geez, what are some of you?!?! Saints?

    Oh come on. Okay, maybe not family. But those who said "I would never wish this on anyone" are either saints (doubt it), having a kick ass day (maybe) or are a little goody too shoes for me. . .

    I for one would wish this on some folks out there. How about the jerk that put me in my oh so beloved chariot?!?! He has moved on with his merry life and asks me why I can't do the same.

    Not only would I wish this on him, I would want his family to have it too since they did nothing but facilitate all the shit he heaped on me.

    Wow she sounds bitter you might be thinking. Yeah I am. Cause I am having a hard time figuring out what part of this SCI I should be grateful he gave me.

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    I would to every Congressman-woman & every other poloticion out there + my care taker & brother for a week. Then they would know how it feels to virturly be helpless.

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    I knew I liked you AngelaAndKC. It gets a little "too nice" at sciwire for me sometimes. I wonder whatin the heck kind of bubble some people live in sometimes. Thx.

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    When asking the question I was using the perspective of "bumming" people out.

    Wouldn't it be easier for you, for them to be ignorant, that they really didn't know the truth? You still will be SCI'd and for the rest of their life, every time they thought of you, saw you, they would know exactly the trial, how rough it really can be.

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