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Thread: Question about my powerchair

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    Question about my powerchair

    My Quickie P222 stopping abruptly and the control lights on the joystick started to blink.... Would like to know if any Quickie owners have experienced this. I have a service tech coming out tomorrow..The powerchair is still working once I turn it off and turn it on again.My seating specialist adjusted my programs last week just wondering if it was something he did.

    Thanks in advance
    Mary Jane

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    Might just be an intermittent contact at a connector between the controller and the drive system. You might follow the cable from the controller and see if there are any connectors that are loose. Pull all the connectors apart one at a time and reconnect them.

    That's the first thing to check and the easiest. Always work from easiest to hardest. Or cheapest to most expensive.


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    I agree that it is probably a loose connection. On my Quickie 626 the connector between the controller and the drive that is hanging off the chair just below my elbow regularly causes the same problem when it gets loose. This occurs most often after I have charged the chair. My guess is that the current going through the wire causes it to heat up and expand. After the chair is unplugged it cools and contracts until the connection is no longer good. However, every time the service technician comes to take a look at it the chair works fine so he can find the source of the problem.

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