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Thread: Virtual vs. Reality

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    Virtual vs. Reality

    Is this all real, or just virtual.

    Someone keeps telling me this is not real, anything said here or anywhere else on the Net is just Virtual. We shouldn't be offended by or take anything seriously here. It's just Virtual. If we wanted Reality, we would turn off our computers and get REAL.

    Ok, fine, I'm gonna tell you right now that I have never been anything but my REAL self here. Am I the only one?????? If so, tell me now, cause I don't want to be here anymore if it's not REAL.

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    This site and it's members are REAL to me.

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    The site, intentions, and purposes are real. Members are obviously real, but some use the virtual aspect to hide behind, portray an alternate self-image, and even be a nuisance.

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    Yes, it means alot. People need to be real here and not hide behind a moniker.

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    BTW, I am not speaking about my hubbie. He does not feel this is VIRTUAL, he feels the same way I do. This is someone on a chat who keeps telling us it's VIRTUAL.

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    People who think like that are the same people who say hateful things to others online because they feel it "doesn't matter" since it's just "virtual." They say and do things online they would NEVER do to someone's face, because on here they can hide in the anonymity of the internet. The way I view those people, they are just like schoolyard bullies who cut others down to make themselves feel big, only they're too chicken to do it "in the schoolyard" so they come do it online and convince themselves that we aren't real people with real feelings.

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    it is real, a godsend, i would be lost w/o cc. and it continues to evolve and expand. do not listen to any naysayers.


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    It's real. The feelings and hurt people experience are the same, whether the words are read on a monitor or said in real life. To me, that makes them real.

    Pb, nice avatar. Is that you?

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    I think most of the people here are really who they say they are. Every now and then, I've gotten a weird feeling, that maybe someone was just yanking our chains, but in that case, oh well, people yank our chains "out here" sometime too. I think what has been said is true though. Too many times people may not consider "on-line people" to be real and treat them as such. I get just as offended when someone is nasty to me on-line as I do in person. And on the flip side, I appreciate the people I know only on-line just as much as I appreciate the people "out here".

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    Originally posted by Goofball:

    The site, intentions, and purposes are real. Members are obviously real, but some use the virtual aspect to hide behind, portray an alternate self-image, and even be a nuisance.
    I agree with that. Obviously the people are real, most of the situations are real, and most of the feelings expressed are real. But, maybe some people create this alternate persona that has more courage, more attitude, more balls, or more intelligence than they do in "real" life. On here you can backspace, delete, edit, or erase the words that come from your fingers before anyone even reads them. In reality once those words come out of your mouth, no matter how much thought you put into them, they're out. No editing in reality.

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